It is incredibly sexy to be writing a story and have the subject sitting beside you (wearing the green sweater that you love on him)…hoping that he will look over your shoulder to see what it is you’re so focused on.  You get to pick up on all sorts of details that you would normally have to imagine.  The way his eyes crinkle when he smiles, the timbre of his laugh, the way you always seem to sit so close to each other…  But then your mind starts to wander and you have to try really hard to pay attention to what he’s saying and not the wetness that’s sprung between your thighs that happens every time you hear his voice…

I think I should steal that sweater so I can wear it when I write…



  1. Dan Said:

    has the subjet of your post read over your shoulder? did he realize what you were thinking?
    Did he take the green sweater off to give it you? Did he take off other clothes?
    I hope he did!

    ps what does SWC stand for?

    • Sadly, he is still the owner of the green sweater…damn, eh?

      I can’t say what SWC stands for…a girl has to have some secrets…

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