Walk Like a Man

After trying almost six weeks of trying and failing to write in the voice of a man, I’ve finally posted my newest short story, Mr. Clark’s Assistant.

Guess what guys?  As much as you say you never know what us girls are thinking, I’ve come to realize that I truly have NO IDEA what goes on in a guy’s head.  Not one little bit.

Writing from a man’s point of view is really hard and strangely unsatisfying.  I had all sorts of wicked, dirty descriptions floating around in my brain, but I kept holding back because I didn’t want the male character over-thinking things and sounding like a girl!

So I think I’ll step out of the loafers and back into my heels for a while…



  1. Chris Said:

    I think you made a pretty good sht at it. You clearly know how my mind works anyway! Keep writing x

  2. Thanks! I’m trying to finish a story from Chloe’s point of view on the week-end, so I’ll post it here and on Short-Fiction once it’s done.

  3. Chris Said:

    and hows your other project coming along?

    • Not bad, but I might have some more questions for you to make it more realistic…

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