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Every morning I wake up and realize how lonely I am.  And scared.  I know something bad is coming, I just can’t figure out what it is…

People are everywhere around me, but I’m not connected to anyone.


I got in touch with an old friend of mine who is nice enough to help me with some research for a book/article I’m working on. He works in some of the clubs in the city and I need a tour of some of the underground establishments that cater to fetish and BDSM lifestyles. … continue reading this entry.

Mr. Clark’s Assistant-Redux

Mr. Clark’s Assistant-Redux, Chloe’s story, is now up!

The feedback from the first story, Mr. Clark’s Assistant, has been incredible!  So… I’ve decided to work at a series of stories between Mr. Clark and Chloe.  I want to keep the storyline a surprise, but if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see develop between them, please feel free to leave a comment or E-mail me directly at  Thanks!

Mr. Clark’s Assistant…Updated

While I’ve been working on rewriting this story from Chloe’s point of view, I decided to do a massive edit to the original Mr. Clark’s Assistant.  I felt the point of view needed to be tightened up and it would be a better story if it was told as it was happening instead of in the past. … continue reading this entry.


Touch is so important.  The feel of another person’s skin against your own can be the best sensation in the world.  It keeps you grounded and lets you know you’re not alone.

How long have you ever gone without touching another soul?  … continue reading this entry.


I miss thunder.  As much as I love the snows of winter, I miss the violence and passion of a good thunderstorm.  When you feel the rumble in your chest, or jump at the sound even when you know it’s coming.  When the rain streams down, I feel like I can abandon myself.  I can scream, rage, pound my fists and no one will know.

High School

I saw this postcard on Post Secret last week…I laughed so hard, it could have been my secret.

It’s almost 20 years later and everyday I still regret saving myself for only ever enjoying one partner and saving myself for my husband. … continue reading this entry.


Right now the weather is incredible, Mother Nature gave us a wonderful treat this long week-end.

Anytime we get these little glimpses into the upcoming season, it gives me a gentle reminder to pay attention to my senses more.

One reason I love living where I do is the utter privacy I have.  … continue reading this entry.

Words Wanted

I’m running out of words…does anyone have a sexual thesaurus I can borrow?

There must be better words than cock, pussy, cunt and cock, right?  And I’m pretty sure I can’t use ‘tunnel of love’ and keep a straight face!  But I feel especially sorry for you guys out there…I couldn’t imagine walking around with a rocket stick, rod of love or cast iron man in my pants!  Ouch.

So readers, do you prefer raw words or would you rather see euphemisms?  And if you have some words you could give me, I’d appreciate it!


It’s amazing how easily someone can hurt your feelings.  An unanswered message, a missed appointment.  And an apology can easily make it worse…saying ‘sorry, I forgot’ really means ‘sorry, I forgot about you’.  It’s awful to realize that someone means more to you than you mean to them…