Right now the weather is incredible, Mother Nature gave us a wonderful treat this long week-end.

Anytime we get these little glimpses into the upcoming season, it gives me a gentle reminder to pay attention to my senses more.

One reason I love living where I do is the utter privacy I have.  Far away neighbours, few cars, and no noise.

Last night a storm started in the west after a beautiful sunny day.  As soon as night fell, I had the urge to explore my senses all at once…sort of an overload, shock to the system, a way to welcome spring in my own way.

So I slipped out of my clothes and stepped out on to the veranda with just a blanket.  As I found my way to the old Muskoka chair, I could feel the wind on my bare skin, invading the secret places that have been hidden all winter long.  I settled into the chair and pulled the blanket around me, enjoying the solitude.  Looking out across the lawn, I could see the shadow of a raccoon eating the sunflower seeds I’d put out for the birds earlier in the day.  In the field across the lane I could hear the nicker of horses as they wandered back to the barn for shelter from the storm.  I could taste the rain drops on my tongue and smell the damp earth from the forest at the side of the house.

Nature had wrapped me in its embrace.  It was glorious.


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  1. mido Said:

    what a wonderful feeling. what a highly romantic emotion and what a wonderful place you are living in. what a woman that could feel nature and leave nature explore her. i envy you for such a pleasure u feel as u left yourself to your senses. have a nice tine

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