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It’s Not Me, It’s My Vibrator!

Hah!  I am not one to give up so easily!  Screw that vibrator that failed to screw me!

But I wanted to make sure everything was in working order on my end of things, so I dimmed the lights and hopped into bed thinking of my favourite fantasy… … continue reading this entry.

Now What?

After this disastrous experiment with the vibrator, I’m starting to get scared.

It’s been a while since I’ve been with someone…let’s just say my home life is less than fulfilling in this department.  I’m pretty much left on my own with just my dogs for company most of the time. … continue reading this entry.

The Let Down

Imagine the scene…candles lit, dirty film on the TV, clothes shed in a pile on the floor, vibrator at the ready…and very high expectations on my part. … continue reading this entry.

The Pick Up

I may be too immature to actually own a vibrator.

I have waited impatiently for almost two weeks for my very first vibrator to arrive, so I practically ran to the post office to pick it up yesterday when I found out it was in.  … continue reading this entry.

Dressing Up

Okay boys (or girls, if that’s your pleasure…), I’d like to present to you, dum da da dahhhh…the  case for lingerie.

In my experience guys like to look at lingerie, but then they want it off as quick as possible so they can get down to business.  Tsk, tsk, guys.  Lingerie is your friend!

If she’s pulled something out of her ‘secret drawer’, … continue reading this entry.

Guilty Pleasures

I was feeling a little sorry for myself today, so I decided to combine work and play.

The Mr. Clark’s Assistant series is going to incorporate a lot of experimenting, for both of them.  I figured the best way to write about it, is to learn about it first hand…so I did a little searching and bought myself a few treats. … continue reading this entry.