Now What?

After this disastrous experiment with the vibrator, I’m starting to get scared.

It’s been a while since I’ve been with someone…let’s just say my home life is less than fulfilling in this department.  I’m pretty much left on my own with just my dogs for company most of the time. I’ve spent most of this week-end worrying.

Can you forget how to kiss?  Can your body forget how to react to another’s touch?  Or is the response to the right touch, the touch of a lover,  ingrained in your psyche forever, just waiting to be reawakened?   If you’re so used to pushing attention away from yourself, can you learn to welcome it again?  Will you remember how to please a lover even after so long without one?  But worst of all, what if no one else ever wants you that way again?  Then what?



  1. mido Said:

    what a pity

  2. Do you think there’s no hope then?

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