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Life is Strange

Today I had to go into town this morning to do some errands and the absolute absurdity of my life struck me… … continue reading this entry.

One Perfect Hour

Today was amazing.  I wish I could explain better, but I don’t think I could do my feelings, my happiness, justice.

And to think I almost cancelled, I was so nervous. … continue reading this entry.

Alter Ego…

I love that no one truly knows my secret self.  At work everyone sees me as Library Girl (dun da da daaahhh!, careful of my cape!), Defender of Books and Bringer of Knowledge.  But everyone should have some secrets, right? … continue reading this entry.

New Toys!

As I’m sure I mentioned before, I’m nothing if not prepared!  I have some holiday time coming up next week, and that means the house to myself!  … continue reading this entry.

Daddy’s Girl – No Dinner for Daddy

I’ve posted the second story in this series…let’s just say I’ve been inspired.  Hope you like it!

New Story!

I had a bit of writer’s block trying to finish the next installment of Mr. Clark’s Assistant and I came up with this story instead:  My research has taken me to some weird and wonderful places these last few weeks…but more about that in another post…

P.S.  This looks like the start of another series, I have lots of story lines mapped out already!

Finger Vibes Rock!

So, you know how my experiments with the egg vibe were not very…umm…satisfying?  I was trying to figure out why and I think it’s because that vibrator wasn’t powerful enough to push me over the edge?  … continue reading this entry.

Making It Worse

I thought all this writing would help ease the ache, but it has only served to make me more aware of just what I’m missing. … continue reading this entry.

Bad Girl

There is no way someone should be able to have this much of an effect on me.

Ever since I saw him yesterday, all I can think of is filling my mouth with his cock.  … continue reading this entry.

Not Over

I figured since it had been so long since I’d seen him, maybe my crush was over. … continue reading this entry.

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