Boys Are Insecure Too…

I don’t know about other women, but guys,  I absolutely love your bodies.

No matter what a guy looks like, short, tall, heavy, thin, black, white, I can always find something sexy about him.I love the concave chests that you try to hide by slouching over.  I love when I touch your arm and you flex.  I love your little potbelly that I know you’re embarrassed about.  I love your rough hands, nails bitten to the quick.  Your pale calves when the warm weather starts. Your forearms that betray a hidden strength.  I love your dark eyes, your sexy, crooked smiles.  The curve of your neck, the slope of your shoulders.  I love the edge of your hips, the line of muscle leading to your hidden pride.  The soft skin at the base of your spine leading to your ass.  I love the hidden glimpse of your chest under your shirt.  I love your hair when it gets just a little too long.  I love your laugh, I love your confidence, they way you carry yourself.  And I love your smell, your scent, the best.

It’s the little quirky things I love the most.  Don’t change them, they’re what makes you you.


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