Finger Vibes Rock!

So, you know how my experiments with the egg vibe were not very…umm…satisfying?  I was trying to figure out why and I think it’s because that vibrator wasn’t powerful enough to push me over the edge?  Oh.  That sounds terrible…what am I, some wanton slut?  Okay, I think it sounds better to say it was ‘too subtle to be of much use on my own’.  Oh yes, that sounds so much better…

Anyway, faced with another evening of being left to my own devices, I decided to drop by my friendly neighbourhood drug store and try out one of those new disposable Durex vibrators.  So much better!!!  Like instant orgasm better!  The little bullet snugged right up against my clit and sent chills through my body.

Ladies, I recommend keeping one of these in your purse…if things with your man are getting a little slow, bring this out and show him how to use it.  Nice and small and easy to use, even when you’re out in public…

Of course, it would work just as well when you’re tormented by sexy guys all day at work and just can’t take it anymore…ohhh, I better stock up!


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