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Who the hell invented summer colds anyway?!?  I’m on my 5th day of this ridiculousness with no end in sight. … continue reading this entry.


What are your limits?  Everyone has limits, whether they’re ethical, moral, practical, financial or sexual.  … continue reading this entry.

New Daddy’s Girl Story!

Just posted the new story, I think you’ll see that my toy experiments were much more successful this time around!

And better yet, I think I might even have another night to myself this week-end!

My Two Favourite Things…

…reading and being naked!!

I wonder if my library would let me host an event like this?!?

Me Time…Finally!

Yeh!  I finally had the house to myself on the week-end and had some play time with my new toys! … continue reading this entry.

New Story!

I’ve just posted a very quick, personal short story,  It’s been on my mind for a while now, ever since the urge to experiment has become so strong. … continue reading this entry.


We had my favourite kind of weather today…big dark thunderstorms and warm rain.  The kind of weather that just begs you to come out and enjoy it…so I did…

Help Me!

Okay, seriously.  One of you dear readers has to offer to get my husband the hell out of the house! … continue reading this entry.

Back to Work – Update

Just a quick little update on an earlier post…it did matter to him…

<huge smile>

And Ode to FetLife…

A few weeks ago when I found myself grasping around for inspiration, I decided to take a tour of… continue reading this entry.

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