Oh My!

Those of you that read my blog regularly probably realize just how rarely I get the house to myself.  Since my husband and I have no sex life to speak of, I keep my toys and such to myself.  And as much as I would like to masturbate more often, I really don’t have the privacy to do it!

But last night I was on my own…

No one to disturb me.  No worry about being interrupted.  No time limit.

I’d been looking forward to this all day and as soon as I got home from work I inserted my plug.  I just love the sensation, the full, heavy feeling of its weight inside me.

It’s getting nice and cool where I live so I had all the windows open and as I walked through the house I’d feel the breeze on my bare skin.  Almost like the touch of a lover.

Since I had the entire evening to myself, I wanted to postpone pleasuring myself as long as I could.  i knew the longer I waited the hotter I’d get.  I’d walk past a mirror and blush when I saw myself, knowing I was walking around with a little secret of my own.

When I finally went to bed, I brought my vibrator and some lube.  I wanted to find out what the lube felt like on my skin.  I let a few drops drip down on each nipple and watched as they hardened on contact.  So slippery!  I’d barely touched them, but the sensation was amazing.  Completely frictionless!  I put a little more on my vibrator and teased all around the edge of my cunt, letting it pulse up against my clit, over and over.

I was completely in sync with my body.  Looking down at myself I could see my lush curves, my full breasts, my wide hips…I was enthralled by my own femininity.   Completely submissive, even by myself.

I was making myself so wet, the vibrator slipped right in, hitting that sweet spot, bringing me so close, so fast.  My body took over completely.  Gripping the shaft, the vibrations went right through my body while I played with my clit, rubbing it hard and fast.

It was probably the best orgasm I’d ever given myself…maybe because I could really let myself go?

I couldn’t believe an hour had passed…



  1. balddad77 Said:

    Amazing recount of the evenings activities. Interesting that you continue to categorize yourself as submissive. You have, in past posts till this one, fully embraced your sbumissiveness. It’s a shame you don’t have an understanding and participating husband to garner those feelings and entice that submissiveness out of you.

  2. You know, I never considered myself submissive, if anything, I thought I’d fall into the category of a ‘switch’. But from the time I started writing people commented on my submissiveness. I only started to realize it myself about a month or so ago.

  3. balddad77 Said:

    I garnered that from your posts here. You can see if you read through your posts, that the element of submission comes out slowly.

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