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Whisper In My Ear…

I can still feel the heat of his breath on my neck as he whispered in my ear…and I distinctly remember hearing the word ‘bed’ drop from his lips…why does he torture me like this? … continue reading this entry.

Subtle Dominance

I’ve been following a thread about this on FetLife and its got me thinking about how sexy this can be. … continue reading this entry.

Sex in the Stacks

Mmmm, library sex.  The goal of many, the prize of few.

Jezebel has a cute little article, but the comments at the end are what’s worth reading…

Good News!

A friend E-mailed me today to tell me that I have made it into the 25 Most Read Authors on the Short Fiction site!  How cool is that!

Just. Awesome.

Time to dig in between the mattresses and pull out all those secret dirty books you been hiding since adolescence!  Don’t lie!  You know you had these books…good girls gone bad, bad girls who were bad to start with, bad girls and bad boys, bad bad bad pulpy pulp fiction.

I was totally born to the wrong age!

Damn You, Shopper’s Drug Mart!

I went to Shopper’s the other day so I could pick up on of those lovely little finger vibes they’ve been selling. … continue reading this entry.


My last post started me thinking about sex and love and lust and romance and all the things in between. … continue reading this entry.

Why Not Take All Of Me?

Why do people want either me or my sexuality…can’t it be both? … continue reading this entry.


Lately I feel like I’m at the mercy of everyone else.  My mind (and body) is betraying me every chance it gets. … continue reading this entry.

Hot or Not?

When I was in my early 20’s, I remember being freaked out when I girlfriend told me that some women will orgasm when they are breast feeding. … continue reading this entry.

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