Look Ma, No Hands!

I’ve always fantasized about having my breasts sucked until I came.  It takes a special kind of patience for a man to do that.  To ignore my pleas for him to finger fuck me, to stroke my pussy and just put all his concentration into sucking my tits.  Torturing my nipples into hard little nubs, watching the creamy flesh swell from desire.  My cunt clasping and gripping on nothing but air as I orgasm again and again…

Oh, I just gave myself shivers!

But I never thought I could masturbate and give myself an orgasm without touching my cunt!

But the other night I was letting myself have a little treat and was reading a few dirty stories.  Without even realizing it, I started to play with my breasts.  My bra was already off and all I had on was yoga pants and a tight, thin T-shirt.  My nipples were so hard, the fabric of my shirt rubbing against them was such a turn on.  The weight of my breasts felt so good in my hands, the skin so soft and smooth.  I was rubbing and pulling, my breath catching in my throat as an orgasm rocked through me!

What the hell?

That had never happened before!  It was so nice, I didn’t stop.  I don’t think I could have anyway.  I just kept reading and playing until I’d had a couple more.  It was amazing, I didn’t know my body could do that, could be so responsive!  I hope this means that I’m embracing my sexuality more, that this little project is bearing fruit!


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