Good News!

A friend E-mailed me today to tell me that I have made it into the 25 Most Read Authors on the Short Fiction site!  How cool is that!



  1. Hello!

    I found your announcement on the WordPress dashboard, and I just had to comment. As a former newspaper reporter who’s now a freelance writer, of all things, I can completely understand your exhilaration and thus your eagerness to share your accomplishment with the world. I just wanted to wish a fellow writer trying to make it, “Congratulations!”

    Plus, thank you for sharing the link to this site, “Short Fiction.” I do believe I will check it out for myself.

    Shari Lopatin

    • Thanks Shari! I had a chance to read a bit of your blog too…I love the gardening posts!

      • You’re welcome! And thanks for checking out my site too! =) Yes, I’m trying to get an organic garden going, but it’s not cooling off fast enough in AZ. LOL! Hopefully soon! But the writing it inspired definitely helps, either way. Keep writing! All us writers need to do that.

  2. Sunderlad Said:

    Yes, well done indeed, and from so few stories too. You should write more often.

    • Thanks! I have stories practically bursting out of me right now, but I have to finish my course first. Next week is my final…so it shouldn’t be too much longer!

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