I Give Up.

I can’t believe this.  The file for my latest story was corrupted.  Again.

I can’t help thinking this is a sign that I should give up on this stupid idea of writing for a living.



  1. opsimath Said:

    Never give up on your writing! And take heed of Scofield’s Second Law of Computing: that data exists ONLY when there are at least four copies of it!

    Save as txt, rtf, anything you can think of, and save it to hard disk, CD, USB drives, the net – anywhere – but always have a fall-back!

    Good luck and heed my words!

    • I had forgotten about Scofield’s law! I remember reading about it in library school.

      Never fear, I think I was just feeling a little sorry for myself this past week, coming up against roadblocks again and again. It starts to wear on a person.

      But I’m trying to get back on track…and that includes backing up my work EVERYWHERE!

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