Tasty Skin

I’m an Easter Creme Egg fiend. They are everywhere right now, and the one I was having the other day was a little melty from my hot hands.  So I got to thinking about how good the inside filling would taste on skin.  Man skin.  Salty hard man skin.

Which of course got me dreaming about all the other things that would be good served on a plate of handsome man…

Well, there’s the standards like honey, whip cream, fruit and chocolate syrup (although that’s not a favourite of mine).  But how good would Nutella, maple syrup or even the insides of Oreo cookies be?  You’d really have to work to get his skin nice and clean again. Ohhh, and what about that red stuff that makes Shirley Temples taste so good…mmmm.

And anything with extreme temperatures is always good to put in my mouth beforehand.  Ice cream and hot chocolate work best in my opinion…and leave such a good taste on your tongue!

And think of all the places a Popsicle could go…


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