Lets Get Physical

I’ve been very good about keeping myself away from my crush…or should I say former crush.   Instead, I’ve been keeping myself busy by trying to figure out what it was that kept me hooked for so long.

I’m embarrassed to say that I think it was probably 75% physical and 25% mental.

In the beginning I think we connected more mentally (he seemed much more open when we discussed intimate things then), but afterwards I was completely overwhelmed by the physicality of him.  When we talked we are always so physically close…our fingertips touching, knees brushing, him looking over my shoulder, or kneeling down so we were eye to eye when we spoke.

When I was around him, I loved the way his size blocked out everything.  He’s so tall, so broad, that when he’s near me everything is blocked out and it became just he and I.

So I need to find a man who has that same physical presence for me.  I think might be my fetish.

All I want is a strong chest, eyes staring into my own, the curve of a neck, the sharp edge of a collarbone.  Someone who is all male, his look, his smell, his presence.

That’s what I want from a lover.


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