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My New FetLife Profile

I finally updated my profile on FetLife…no turning back now…eek.  What do you think? … continue reading this entry.

It’s Over?

What makes someone just stop corresponding?  I mean it’s fine when it’s just been a few casual E-mails and then it drops off naturally, but when you’ve been talking for weeks and they just disappear on you, it’s unnerving.  I feel like I should get an exit interview or something. … continue reading this entry.


stag·nant  –adjective

1.  not flowing or running
2.  stale or foul from standing
3.  characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement

Yup, that’s me lately.  The question is, what do I do about it? … continue reading this entry.

Classic Lit…Sexified!

I don’t know why, but the whole idea of dirty classic literature strikes me as wonderfully hilarious!  I can just imagine a lone struggling writer wading through some of the tried and true classics, desperate for inspiration, when suddenly…elementary, my dear Watson!  And the next thing you know, “The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” is born. … continue reading this entry.

In Case You Need a Reason…