You Never Know…

Just when I was lamenting the lack of success my new FetLife profile has brought me…surprise, surprise, two yummy, but very opposite requests come knocking on my door.

The first is a 20 year-old boxer (yes, I know that’s waaayyy below my age limit…but if you saw his body you’d totally give me permission to splurge!) who seems to have a thing for older mature women…and we share quite a few of my favourite kinks.  He’s already asked to IM, cheeky bugger!

The second is a guy my age who is recently single and looking to explore his new-found tastes.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  The only thing is, he’s being ‘mentored’ by a FetLife friend of mine.  Now, I know what ‘mentoring’ meant when I was on the receiving end…I wonder if it’s the same in their case?  Because I really don’t like to share.

Hopefully another update will soon be on the way…


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