Toy Shopping!!!!!

My husband started a new job!!!  And yes, while I’m very excited for him, I’m even more excited that I can go toy shopping when I’m at the Everything To Do With Sex Show on the 22nd!

You see, with him not working this past summer I’ve had no time to myself…if you know what I mean…wink, wink…and I think I need to get back on track in that area.  I find the less I masturbate, the less turned on I am, and so I masturbate less and so on, and it just becomes this vicious circle with no one getting any action!

This time I really want to find a toy for double penetration.  I used to use an anal plug when I used my vibrator, but I’m curious to see if I can find something that vibrates on both ends…



  1. Greg Said:

    It is wonderful to see the Sun after so many cloudy days. Congradulations.

  2. Thanks! It’s been a very loonnnggg summer…

  3. Greg Said:

    You must have found some wonderful toys. No time to update your blog because you are so busy with them…lol. I hope you are still on a high and that all is still going well.

  4. I know, I’ve been neglecting you guys, but I’m getting ready to launch a huge library initiative and it’s taking up all of my time!

    The Sex Show is actually this week-end, so I should have some interesting this to post when I get back…if I can find a free hand.

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