The Everything To Do With Sex Show

Well I survived the Everything To Do With Sex show with barely a scratch to show for it…and this year it didn’t leave me wanting more.  I’m not sure if it was because we went earlier in the day, but there was hardly anyone there!  There was less than half the vendor booths compared to the last time I was there, no one playing in the dungeon, and none of the awesome ‘walking entertainment’ that there usually is.

One of the best thing about the Sex Show is acceptance.  It didn’t matter your shape, size or sexual orientation, there was something for you.  Well, you know what was there this year?  A plastic surgery booth.  Ick.  It is just me, or does that totally go against the message of openness and acceptance?

Overall, both my girlfriend and I were very disappointed.

But, I always say, ‘you learn something new everyday’, and this is what I learned.

Nipple tassels on men?  Not attractive.  Male burlesque dancing?  Sadly, also not attractive…and vaguely creepy.

The Sqweel might be the funniest and dirtiest sex toy around!  It looks hilarious and can ‘tickle’ other parts of your body equally well…  Those ‘rabbit’ type vibrators feel amazing (I couldn’t keep my hands off it!), but the controls scare the hell out of me!  I also learned that the best finger vibrator is supposed to be made by Fukuoku…so I bought one and I’ll let you know.

I also wanted to bring home a dual penetration vibrator and one of the Evolved vibrators, but there weren’t any to be found in the entire show.  How is that even possible?

But definitely one of the highlights of the show was burlesque dancer, Roxi D’Lite.  If you ever get the chance to see her perform you won’t be disappointed!


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