Well, I’m taking the plunge once again and meeting someone new tomorrow.  It’s been a long time since I’ve met anyone through FetLife (or anywhere!), and I’m very, very nervous.

He has an interesting fetish, something that I’ve never encountered before, foot tickling.  Actually, I think it’s really anything feet related.  Boots, nylons, stockings…that sort of thing.

Now I’ve never been one to say no to a nice foot massage, but I really feel that I might be at a disadvantage here.  I mean, yes my feet are always nice and pedicured and the same goes for my hands…but what else can I do with them to make them interesting?

He’s very nice (and tall), and we have quite a bit in common, but I’m not entirely sure how this relationship would work.  Is it all feet all the time, or is there sex involved too?  Do I need to be equally passionate about a ‘body’ fetish for this to work?  What happens in the winter if all I want to do is wear woolly socks from head to toe?

Either way, it should certainly make for interesting conversation tomorrow…


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