Nipple Huggers

Nipple HuggerPay attention all you girls who love to have your nipples and breasts played with…Nipple Huggers could be your new best friend!

I came across this concept in a book I was reading the other day, but I wasn’t sure if they were real or just the author’s wonderful imagination.  So I brought out my inner library girl, did some research…and voilà!

Since  I’m not really into piercings (I have a major needle phobia), I’m pretty much excluding from most body jewellery.  But when I read about nipple huggers, I got tingly in all the right places.

I absolutely love having my breasts played and can have amazing orgasms if my partner knows what he’s doing…so the thought of being able to wear these all day makes me absolutely wet.  I think I’m going to order the gold daisies for myself to try.  Apparently they can stay on pretty much all day, and even during sex (as long as it’s not too rough).

Mmm, walking around all day with my nipples pinched and straining, with a plug in my ass stretching and filling me…shivers…

But it’s not just fun for girls, there is a men’s version too.  It’s supposed to rub against your balls, keeping you on the edge of arousal all day long…



  1. wnose82 Said:

    How does the one for men work? Sounds fun.

    • From their explanation it seems like a loop is snugged up around the base of your cock and then the ‘jewellery’ part dangles against your balls…I imagine it would feel like little licks and kisses constantly against your skin…

  2. Kevin Said:

    My ex used to wear them all day long and when I would get home she would be soaking wet. The constant pinch made them so sensitive and I would play with them and squeeze them as we made love. Would love to find another woman into liking that.

    • Actually, I just got a confirmation message that mine were shipped today! It’ll still take a while for them to come from the States, but I can’t wait!

      • howard Said:

        i seen no link to order the metal wire ones that i used to purchase near tampa. please provide and link. thanks

  3. Brenda Said:

    I have a pair myself. I love them. But I have no one to enjoy them with me. Bummer

  4. il Gordo Said:

    I found these a long tine ago advertised on Fetlife and ever since I’ve wished I had a little sub to put them on. There are so many things I would give my Sub, if she was really mine.

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