Slave or Maid?

This ad was posted on FetLife recently…

I have decided to start the search for another 24/7 male slave.  Can be a sissy and/or retired.  I AM looking for a service slave to cook, clean and do laundry.  Being handy with tools is a plus.  Must be able to support yourself as far as room and board, utilities and living expenses.  MUST be mostly submissive as I WILL NOT tolerate defiance.  Pets (animals) are NOT welcome.  Meals will be scheduled and diet controlled.  No cable TV.  Internet access will be restricted at first.

What am I missing?  Isn’t this basically having free maid/handyman services at your fingertips?  I didn’t know you could do this…but then again, I also don’t know who would want to do this for someone else…god, I have enough trouble keeping my own place neat and tidy, I can’t imagine having the time (or desire) to do it for another!

I’m trying to figure out what’s in it for the slave?  Has anyone ever participated in this type of relationship?  I’m fascinated that this is out there…inquiring minds want to know!



  1. Herman Said:

    That sure is one interesting ad. I would also like to know who would be interested in something like this. I cant see why anyone would want to do this but at the same time there are people who do crazier things than this.

    • Maybe we’re doing something wrong? Maybe we could have had someone cleaning our place all along?

      I know I wouldn’t mind a couple of shirtless guys working around my farm!

      • Anonymous Said:

        Well all you had to do was ask and I would have been right over. lol jk :P

      • Herman Said:

        ^ that was from me. atleast i hope that this shows up below the one i sent by anonomus :S

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