March is the Worst Month

So, where to start?  Well, unfortunately my husband lost his job at the beginning of the month…ironically he had just decided to start looking for something closer to home, but it would have been nice to do that job hunting while he was still employed.  He’s been pretty depressed (on top of his usual) and refuses to do anything around the house even though now he has the extra time…I may have to kick him out.

My grandparents put the house they have lived in for 35 years up for sale so they could move to a retirement home.  Unfortunately, about the same time, my Grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and the beginnings of Alzheimer’s.  They also found skin cancer on his arm, but it was removed successfully.  It’s been a rough time for my aunts and uncles, who I suspect thought their 90-year dad was pretty indestructible.  Lots of arguing going on in a family that has never fought.  I’m finding it especially difficult since out of my 20+ cousins, I’ve always been the grandchild that was closest to them.  Nobody seems to remember that when I voice my opinion or ask questions…it’s very frustrating.

I finished my writing course a few weeks ago, but I had to miss the last class because I was out with the flu for four days.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick!  I didn’t enjoy the class as much as I had hoped, and I’ve actually put aside a writing project I had started after he critiqued it.  I think my skin must be too thin for this kind of thing.  But I did submit one small piece to a Writer’s Trust contest, so we’ll see.

Sigh.  Thank goodness tomorrow is April 1st…I just hope I don’t get fooled.



  1. Herman Said:

    I for one have always enjoyed your writting and find that I come here fairly often when I am feeling down.. I find your writting really brightens my day.

    I hope April was exponentially better than March and that May is continuing the upward trend.


    • Thank you, so far it’s a little better. I meant to write back to you on FL, but didn’t get a chance this week-end. You mentioned grief in your profile…I hope everything is okay?

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