I’ve been debating on whether or not to put this experience in writing for a while now.  I sent it to a friend who encouraged me to publish it, saying that it was important to share because it was so honest.


My girlfriend taught me how to masturbate the summer I turned thirteen. We were staying at a huge house, three floors, secluded backyard and a beautiful swimming pool.  We were so happy to be there, so adult being away from our parents for the week, staying with my cool aunt and uncle, right outside the big city.

My girlfriend and I were complete opposites.  She was blond and fair, ice blue eyes fringed with dark lashes.  I was tanned deep olive with long brown hair and dark eyes, freckles sprinkled across my nose.  We had slim hips and breasts that were barely there.  That perfect age where girls are becoming aware of the power they’ve inherited.

Of course, I had read books, Judy Blume mostly, that made me tingle down there, but I was too young, too inexperienced to know what to do with those feelings.  It wasn’t like I didn’t know about boys, of course.  I’d been kissed, slow danced in the gym, even had a boy break up with my best friend because he liked me better…but I hadn’t quite put the pieces together yet.

Not until that night in the pool.

We had been in the water all day, posing and preening in our brand new swimsuits, imaging everyone watching us.  After dinner when the sun went down and the yard was dark, we just lazed around the shallow end of the pool, giggling and talking, sharing silly secrets.

“Do you masturbate?”  I remember her whispering the question to me, her eyes locked on mine, waiting for my answer.  “What do you mean?”  I’d heard the word before, and even seen it in books.  I knew it had something to do with touching myself, but I never really understood what it meant.  All I really knew was that it made my breath catch when I thought about it.

“Well…do you touch yourself?”  I blushed pink in the dark.  “No.”  She laughed at me.  “But you want to, don’t you?  I do it all the time.”  I couldn’t believe this; my other girlfriends and I didn’t talk about stuff like this.  “Show me.”  I dared, so sure she would back away from this conversation.  But she just smiled and led me over to one of the jets on the side of the pool.  She took my hand and held it up against the water rushing out of it.  “See how nice this feels?”  I nodded.  “Watch me.”  She let go of my hand and pulled herself close to the edge of the pool, swinging her long legs up and over the edge until she was floating on her back, her legs anchoring her in place.  I watched, fascinated, as she positioned herself right in front of the spurt of warm water streaming into the pool.  She turned to me and grinned.  “You have to find just the right place and then it feels really good.”

She closed her eyes and I heard little moans escape her lips.  I moved in closer.  “What’s it feel like?”  Her eyes opened and she looked back at me.  “Try for yourself.”

As I waded over to the other side of the pool, I could feel that familiar tingle of excitement in my belly.  Copying my girlfriend, I found the pool jet and hooked my legs over the edge.  The sensation was immediate and intense, like nothing I’d ever felt before.  An orgasm washed over me before I had a chance to catch my breath, catching me off guard, the thrumming sensations against my clit guaranteeing another and another.

Too soon my inexperienced pussy became too tender from the constant pressure of the water and I had to unhook my legs from the edge and slip my body back into the pool.  I let the jet massage my back and neck, relaxing me, while I tried to process what had happened to my body.  The more relaxed I got, the further I submerged myself, leaning forward, until my bottom was directly in front of the stream of warm water.   Suddenly I was being filled from the force of the water and I was embarrassed to see that I was orgasming again.

For the rest of our holiday we kept up this after dinner ritual of mutual masturbation in the pool.  Spoiling our senses and exhausting ourselves before bed, we’d sleep through the night cuddled up together, legs and arms entwined, fair and dark hair tangled together.



  1. Lawrence Said:

    Very expressive, innocent but very erotic….well done

  2. Anonymous Said:


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