Daddy’s Girl-Story 2: Toys

I was inspired to write this third Daddy’s Girl story after a night of experimentation…


Daddy’s punishment with the turkey baster excited me more than I imagined it would!  But I still couldn’t figure out why Daddy had never put his penis inside my bottom before?  He knew no one else ever had since I was always too scared it would hurt me.  But if he knew it was going to feel so good to play like that, why didn’t he ever try and explain it before?  Maybe he thought it was too dirty and little girls shouldn’t like things like that?  Either way, I couldn’t get the feeling out of my head.

I’d never gone behind Daddy’s back before, I never needed to.  He’d always had all the toys we needed to play our little games.  I don’t mind that he keeps them locked in the toy box in his office and the key is always with him.  I know it’s to stop me from being tempted.  After all, I’m not supposed to come without Daddy’s permission.

But I really, really, wanted to explore this more, and if Daddy isn’t going to play with me, I’ll just have to play by myself.

I booked an afternoon off from work without telling Daddy, making sure it was a day he wouldn’t be home until dinnertime.  On my way home from the library I stopped at the sex store I’d gone to with my girlfriends.  We’d had so much fun that day, trying on lingerie, daring each other to buy the big, bright coloured dildos that lined the shelves.  Of course, I never bought anything that day, I didn’t have too, Daddy always does that.

But today I wanted to take my time and see if I could find something that would feel just like Daddy does.  Something big and hard, that stretches me out and fills me up.  When the warm water was in my bottom, it was like I could feel the pressure right up against my clit.  I wanted that again.  I wanted, needed, something to fill up my pussy and my bottom at the same time.

But once I was in the store I almost lost my nerve.  What if the sales clerk knew Daddy?  Would she tell on me?  I should really just go to Daddy and talk to him about it.  He would understand…  But how could I say that out loud?  Say that I liked it when Daddy forced something in my bottom.  Especially something that wasn’t my Daddy.  What if he got mad?  It was supposed to be a punishment.

First, I knew I needed to find a plug like Daddy used, so that part was easy.  Finding a vibrator though, that was harder.  I knew what I wanted it to feel like, hard and firm, but soft to touch, like silk stretched over steel.  But I was worried about how to know if it would be too big to fit inside me?

Thank god the sales girl sensed my confusion!  Shelves upon shelves of buzzing, blinking, throbbing sex toys.  For her it was business as usual, but for me, well, I was used to shelves of books with nice, neat spines.  I hardly knew where to look!  But she was so sweet.  She told me all about her favourite toys that were good for playing by yourself, so I just picked one that caught my eye and along with my plug I was off for an afternoon of experimentation.

Double-checking his office to make sure Daddy wasn’t at home, I wandered into the bathroom so I could have a nice cool shower and relax.  I was really nervous.  Nervous to try something so forbidden, but even more nervous that Daddy would catch me doing it and punish me.

I wasn’t really sure what Daddy used on me the other night, but the plug I bought for myself was small, made from heavy stainless steel and shaped like a teardrop.  Since I’ve never really had anything in my bottom before…well except for the turkey baster!…I thought something tiny and dainty would be best for my first time.  I took the plug out of the satin lined box it was nestled in and laid it on the bed beside me.  Then I unwrapped the vibrator.  God, it seemed a lot smaller than this in the store!  This was way more intimidating than the plug!  But at least it’d be used someplace familiar…

The vibrator was black and sleek with a curved, double-ended handle to stimulate my pussy and bum when it’s deep inside me.  I turned it round and round in my hands, getting the feel for it, trying out the speeds and strengths.

Deep breath.  I’m not used to doing things like this without my Daddy.  He’s always the one who plays with me, who dresses me up and dresses me down, who allows me to come when I need it so badly.

Oh!  I never thought about that.  I’m going to come without Daddy’s permission for the first time ever.  The thought made me shiver with anticipation at doing something so deliciously forbidden behind Daddy’s back.  What a naughty girl I am.

Okay, another deep breath.  I unwound the towel from my body and tossed it to the floor.  Getting back up off the bed, I let my hands roam over my body, twisting through my hair, gliding down my neck and around my nipples.  Already they were hard and pebbled, wanting attention I couldn’t give them.  My hands dropped further, letting my fingers tease open my slit and stroking the little knot of pleasure hiding inside.  At last I moved my hands up and down over my round bottom, warming my skin and building the courage to slip a finger inside.  Just one.  Just to see how it felt.  Oh, it’s so tight and warm…not wet and slick like my pussy is…but still…nice…just different…

I tore open the cherry flavoured lube the sales girl had thrown in my bag at the last minute.  She’d winked at me and said she figured I’d need it.  Guess she was right.  I put some on my fingers and massaged it into my tight little hole and put some more on the cold steel plug.  Closing my eyes I bent over our bed, reached back and forced the plug until it was tightly in place, the looped handle keeping it from going to deep.  I was surprised it slipped in so easily; I don’t know why I was always so afraid?

It wasn’t as full a feeling as I wanted; nothing like when Daddy was forcing the warm water into me, but it definitely gave me a taste of how it could be.  Maybe next time I’d try something bigger, or longer even, like beads.  Hah, next time!  I’m quite the cheeky little girl!

I walked around the bed a few times, making sure I had it in properly…I mean, how would I know?  Mmmm, it felt so nice.  I imagined wearing it out with Daddy next time we went to the theatre for the evening.  I’d feel its constant weight all night long and no one would know.  A secret reminder of what was to come.

Time for the vibrator.  Right away it warmed to my touch as I rubbed lube onto its wide shaft.  Sitting back on the bed, I laid back against the pillows and started to stroke myself, spreading my wetness up and down my clit and around my lips, letting my fingers spread the slippery cream everywhere.  With a click of the button, a low hum started and I let the vibrator drift lazily over my pussy, teasing myself with the subtle sensations, feeling myself get more and more aroused with each pass.  Lingering at the top of my hood, I knew I could come right away if I left it there.  The vibrations were the perfect strength for my first time, steady and firm, but not too strong.  I let the vibrator drift up and down, over and over, the lube mixing with my own moisture on each stroke.  Impatient, I wanted it in me right away, but I knew I was too tight.  This wasn’t the same as when Daddy did it.  I tried hard to relax, opening my legs even further, still taking care to hold the heavy, steel plug inside me.  But I knew I wasn’t going to be able to fully insert the huge vibrator lying back like that, so I stood back up and drained the rest of the cherry lube over it.  Shiny and slippery in my hands, I desperately wanted to force it in me right away.   I stood on one leg with my other knee bent; balanced against the bed I spread myself open.

I almost cried with relief as it slid right in.  I fell forward on the bed, ass in the air, breasts pressed hard into the mattress as a small orgasm washed over me.  It was amazing.  The only thing missing was Daddy’s cock in my mouth.

Greedy girl that I am, I wanted more.  I had a clothespin on my dresser and I clipped it to my nipple.  Oh, did it hurt!  I had to adjust it a little so I could stand the pain, but once I did it was wonderful.  Kneeling up on the bed, plug in my ass, vibrator in my cunt, one nipple pinched and the other being pulled and stretched by my fingers.

There’s a mirror above our dresser, but I was too embarrassed to see what I actually looked like.  It made me wonder how I’ll have the courage to do this with Daddy.  How would he feel if he saw his little girl like that?  The thought of disappointing Daddy stopped me cold and I looked down at my body in shame.  Would Daddy really want to see his baby girl like that?

I reached down between my legs, the intention to stop this self-pleasure blazing through my mind.  If I couldn’t talk to my Daddy about this, I knew I shouldn’t be doing it.

But that little movement, that slight change in pressure, brought a rush of pleasure shooting through my belly…just this once, I told myself, and then never again behind Daddy’s back.

I slid the vibrator in and out a bit more, bringing myself close again and again, but now I really wanted to see what something that big would feel like in my untried ass.  With a sigh, I pulled the plug out of my bottom and the vibrator out of my pussy.  God, it was awful to feel so empty.  In my rush to fill myself back up, I mistakenly hit the clothespin still biting down on my nipple and a shocking jolt of pain and pleasure shot straight to my pussy.  I didn’t have anymore of the cherry lube left, but I was pretty sure I’d be open enough from the plug, so I pushed the vibrator in.  It was incredible!  The feel of the vibrations went deep into my core, the width of the vibrator, the length, opening me up.  It was all I could do to stop myself from coming instantly.  I settled myself back on the pillows and started to stroke myself.  Soft and hard, squeezing my legs together to feel the pressure deep within my pussy and then opening them back up to rub my clit.  I switched the clothespin to the other nipple and lost my breath when the blood rushed back into the first one.  Two endless orgasms and I still wished for another vibrator so I could experience something so large in both my holes at the same time.

Finally I had to take the clothespin off.  The sensations were too much now.  Wanting more, I just let myself go, not even caring what Daddy would think.  I was drowning in sensations.  The feel of the vibrator, the smell of my scent, the flush of my skin.  Up until then I had been quiet during my private playtime, moaning softly to myself, but now, now I couldn’t help it.  Eyes closed, I was crying and calling out, the release was…I don’t know…it just was like nothing I’d ever experienced before…

Letting another orgasm wash over me, I felt supremely happy, proud of myself for trying something new.  I replayed every last bit over in my head while I caught my breath and tried to think of somewhere to hide my toys from Daddy.  Turning over on my side, I eased out the vibrator with a smile…

From the far corner of the room I heard a throat being cleared and my eyes flew open as I turned to find my Daddy standing in the doorway.  With a few strides of his long legs, he’s beside the bed holding the damp vibrator in his hand, steel sparks glinting in his dark eyes.

I gasped in fright, I’d never seen Daddy look so mad before, “Oh, Daddy, I’m so sorry!  I’m sorry!  I was just curious, but it’ll never happen again.  I promise!”

He shook his head and glared down at me, “You need to be punished.  Bend over the bed.  Now!” he growled.

Crying, I leaned over the bed and closed my eyes, waiting to take my punishment.

I heard a click as he turned the vibrator back on.



  1. Bruce Said:

    Wow! That was a delicious story.

  2. Anonymous Said:

    Excellent story…..I like stories about toys but they are so hard to find… did an excellent job and now I am super horny.

  3. The Traveller Said:

    You really have a superb turn of phrase, I loved this. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am reminded of how much I need a Little in my life.

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