Daddy’s Girl-Story 1: No Dinner for Daddy

This second story in the Daddy’s Girl series was actually written before the first one.  It’s inspiration came from the site and the book of short stories, ‘Master/Slave’.


Daddy has been so good to me lately, keeping me on a very strict study schedule while I work towards finishing up my Master’s degree in Library Science.  He’s really strict because he always wants the best for me and expects me to do well.  And I want my Daddy to be proud of me.

I wanted to thank Daddy for all the special attention he’d given me the last few months so I decided to make him his favourite, a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and even my special dessert.  I wanted everything perfect for Daddy, so I set the dining room table with pretty dishes, special linens and candles.  All the small touches that lets my Daddy know I’m thinking about him.

When Daddy waits for me to make his dinner he likes to read the newspaper in the den.  I always want to show Daddy just how much I love him, so I kept coming into the den to give his big cock lots of deep, wet kisses in between basting the turkey.  I love to be at Daddy’s feet, it makes me so happy.  On my third trip to the den, I must have spent a little too long sucking on his big erection because I forgot about his dinner!  Smelling smoke, I rushed into the kitchen to grab the turkey from the oven.  I tried my best to salvage it, but I was too late and our dinner was ruined.

When Daddy came in and saw what happened, he was so angry.  He told me I needed a good spanking on my bare bottom, right there in the kitchen.  I smiled in anticipation of my favourite punishment, but Daddy said that he had something else in mind.  Not my usual spanking.

Daddy pulled a chair out from under the kitchen table and pushed it up against the counter near the sink.  Then he turned on the facet and filled the sink with hot, soapy water while I watched.  The next thing I knew, Daddy is sitting on the chair with me over his knee.  My tiny skirt is pushed up over my bottom and my white cotton panties are down around my ankles…and the turkey baster is in his hand.

My eyes go wide with fear as I realize what Daddy is about to do for my punishment, and I struggle to get out of his lap.  ‘No Daddy!  I’m sorry!’  But Daddy just shakes his head and says, ‘I think you need this punishment so you can be a better little girl for me.’

Daddy dips the turkey baster into the sink and sucks up the warm, soapy water.  I’m so afraid, and yet my pussy is so, so wet.  Uh oh, I hope I don’t get into more trouble for that too?  Daddy starts to paddle my round bottom with one hand as I squirm back and forth on his lap.  ‘No Daddy, no!  You know nothing has ever been in my bottom before!’  I squirm harder, trying to get away, but Daddy knows all my tricks.  Daddy reminds me that he would never hurt me and only wants what’s best for me.  I sigh and try to hold still for my punishment.  I know my Daddy is always right.

My bottom is nice and warm and pink now, and I can’t help spreading my legs just a little, hoping Daddy’s fingers will find their way into my wet pussy.  But instead Daddy takes the baster and pushes it slowly into my bottom.  It’s all nice and slippery from the soap, and even though I know I shouldn’t, I push my bottom back against the rigid tube, helping it slide all the way in, right to the rubber end.  Then Daddy squeezes.  The rush of warm water filling me is like nothing I’ve ever felt before and I’m too shocked to even protest!  Daddy rubs my back and tells me to hold it in for him.  And I do, I’d do anything for my Daddy.

Daddy fills up the turkey baster again and again and empties the soapy water into me.  I was so full, the pressure of the water so intense.  ‘Daddy, no more!  Please!’  But Daddy doesn’t even listen to me beg; instead he spreads his knees wider where I’m laid out across his lap, leaving room for my belly to distend with each new batch of warm water.  ‘No Daddy!   I don’t know how much longer I can hold this!  I feel like I have to go.  Bad!’

Daddy starts to rub my back again, nice and slow, helping me accept the liquid he is forcing into me.  Under his hands I settle down and relax a little.  ‘Daddy, I feel so full.  It’s sort of nice…almost like when I sit on your lap and you have your big penis pressed against my bare bottom and play with my breasts!  But this is different Daddy…Daddy, is this going to make me come?’  I squirm at the thought.  ‘Daddy, can I please come?’  He doesn’t answer and stops rubbing my back.  I listen as he fills the baster up again.  Then Daddy spanks my bottom, hard, and reminds me that I’m being punished.   Another few injections from the turkey baster and I’m so full I think I’m going to explode!  I can feel the pressure right down to my soaking pussy.  Tears start to run down my cheeks.  ‘Please Daddy, I have to go!’  I’m so confused, vulnerable.  I need to come, I need release.  Daddy tells me that I still have to hold it, but that he’ll help me.

I feel Daddy rummaging around in this pocket and suddenly I feel the cool hardness of a stainless steel plug forced into my clenched bottom.  ‘There baby girl, now I want you to stand up in front of me so I can look at you.’  I don’t trust the plug and my muscles are still clenched as tight as I can make them so none of the soapy water leaks out.  Slowly I get up from Daddy’s lap and stand before him.  I’m so embarrassed, I don’t know where to look.  Anywhere but Daddy’s eyes.

Daddy starts to take off the rest of my clothes.  First he unbuttons my tight blouse, then unzips my skirt and takes off my knee socks.  I can tell Daddy is looking at me and I try to hide my belly from him.  I know it’s swollen, as if I was pregnant.  My breasts are firm and tight and my nipples are hard because I’m so turned on from my punishment, even though I shouldn’t be.  I watch from under lowered lashes as Daddy takes my big, heavy breasts in each of his hands and starts to suck my nipples.  Each pull is a direct connection to my pussy, already wet and soaking from the constant weight in my bottom.  I’m moaning and begging, ‘Please Daddy.  I can’t hold it anymore.  It hurts.’  But Daddy just keeps stroking me and sucking on my breasts.  ‘Just a few more minutes baby girl, your punishment will be over in a few minutes.’

Daddy’s big, rough hands cup my distended belly as he massages away the cramps.  I’m trying so hard to please him, to be a good girl for him.  I know my body is his to use as he sees fit.  Slowly he lowers his hands away from my belly and starts to stroke my wet pussy.  ‘Daddy, please’.   I’m whimpering now, my legs like jelly, but he shakes his head no.  ‘Hold it for me baby girl.’  Squeezing even tighter, I shudder.  I’m going to orgasm if my Daddy keeps touching me like this.  ‘Keep holding it, good little girl.  Do as Daddy tells you.’  When Daddy’s fingers invade my wet slit, I can’t take anymore.  I begged him, ‘Oh Daddy, please, please, no more.  I promise I’ll be good.  I’ve learned my lesson.  Please, I have to go!’

My Daddy smiles at me.  ‘Okay baby girl.  I think you’ve had enough, we’re almost done.’  Daddy scoops me up, brings me to our bed and has me kneel on all fours, facing away from him.  My pussy is open for Daddy to see, along with the glint of the stainless steel plug deep inside me.

‘Daddy?’  I hear him come up behind me on the bed and start to rub my bottom.  ‘Baby girl, I want you to keep holding for me, just a minute longer.’  I shake my head no, ‘Daddy, I can’t.’  ‘Yes, baby, you can.  I’m going to remove the plug now.  Slowly’.  I shiver as it pops out of my bottom and quickly clench my muscles even tighter.  ‘Daddy, please, I have to go…it’s too much, I’m too full!’  I feel my shame and humiliation grow at the thought.  Then Daddy’s big finger invades my sensitive bottom, replacing the plug, wiggling back and forth inside me.  I start to rub myself furiously.  ‘Daddy,’ I pant, ‘now?  Please?’

Daddy finally says those words I’ve been waiting to hear, ‘Come for me, baby girl.’  Clenching and squeezing, I have one orgasm after another until I’m lying weak on the bed.

‘I’m so proud of you for being such a good little girl and taking your punishment.’  As you remove your finger from my bottom, the urge to go returns fast and I look back at you, pleading.  ‘Go,’ you tell me, laughing, and swat my bottom as I race to the bathroom.


  1. Tony Said:

    Awesome story and what a wonderful pleasure to enjoy!

  2. Thanks Tony! This one was a challenge for me…but I was so turned on while I wrote it…

  3. Bruce Said:

    Great story. I love how vulnerable you are for your daddy.

    • Thanks Bruce. It’s funny, right now I feel like am vulnerable to everything and everyone, maybe that’s why the story worked so well…

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