Daddy’s Girl

This story came about after I started doing some research and exploring on the FetLife site.  I’ve always been seduced by the D/s dynamic, but this takes it in a different direction.  No longer a Dom in the traditional sense, a ‘Daddy’ is often a more loving, but still stern, presence in the relationship.  Offering support and care coupled with punishment when required, I have to admit, this fantasy has been playing out in my mind ever since…


I’m a Daddy’s girl.  My Daddy is big and tall and darkly handsome, with stern eyes and a deep rumbling voice.  He has big strong hands that can reach right around my waist and his hard cock fills my pussy perfectly.  He’s thirty-three, just four years younger than me, but when we play, I’m always seventeen.  That perfect age, when a girl discovers all sorts of things about her body and her sexuality.  My Daddy thinks that’s a little too young to date, but I am allowed to flirt with boys.  My body is full and lush, with a nice round bottom and generous breasts.  I always worry because they’re bigger than the other girls, but Daddy tells me not too, that I’m fine the way I am.

I knew I wanted him to be my Daddy the minute he came to check out his library books.  I had been watching him browse the stacks, carefully selecting the titles he wanted.  Very methodical and exacting.  Taking a book from the shelf, reading the inside flap and putting it back in the exact same spot if it didn’t please him.  He’d been in many times before, but I was usually too shy to talk to him.  But that day I had no choice, I was the only one in the library.

When he came to the circulation desk I already had his record up on the computer, ready to check him out.  But he had some overdue fines that I had to tell him about.  I apologized and explained that I wasn’t supposed to let anyone take out books when they had fines on their record.  I blushed when he looked down at me and asked if I could make an exception for him.  Then he smiled and laughed when I stammered out ‘of course’.  He asked me to lunch the next day.

If I had any reservations about asking him to be my Daddy, they were gone by our third date.  He was kind and funny, and best of all, very, very strict with me.  Sometimes I’d see a glint in his eye that hinted at his inner disciplinarian, and I knew right then I would never be able to get away with anything if he was my Daddy.

Daddy and I have rules to help me be a good little girl.  I can go out with my girlfriends without a chaperon, but I always have to be home before my curfew, no exceptions.  When I’m going to work, I’m allowed to wear pants, but at home I always must be in a skirt or dress or, if it’s near bedtime, my baby doll pyjamas.  Daddy says he always wants to be able to check when I’m wet.  And I don’t mind, I’m always wet for my Daddy.  My pussy is always waxed into a neat little strip and never shaved bare.  Daddy says a girl my age is just starting to get her pubic hair and I shouldn’t be ashamed.  I’m not allowed to smoke and Daddy doesn’t really like it when I drink either.  He says I’m too young.  Of course, I don’t date, but I am allowed to talk to other boys.  But I must never, ever, call them Daddy.  Sometimes talking to another boy excites me and my panties get wet.  But if Daddy catches me, he understands that I’m just at that age.  He just shakes his head and says that my hormones are more in control of my body than my mind is.  But I still get a good spanking on my bare bottom to remind me that I really shouldn’t have dirty thoughts like that…unless they are about my Daddy.  And I always feel better afterward; knowing that my Daddy is looking out for me.

One time Daddy caught me on the computer in his office, looking at naughty websites and touching myself.  Oh, was my bottom red after that!  He put me right over his knee, lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties and paddled my bottom.  I cried and cried, not because it hurt (I secretly like Daddy spanking me!), but because I had disappointed my Daddy.  After that, Daddy said he couldn’t trust me on the computer and made me tell him my E-mail and Internet passwords so he could make sure I wasn’t breaking anymore of his rules.

My Daddy likes to dress me up in pretty clothes and I always have everything I want.  He even buys my bras and panties!  Silly Daddy, I always tell him they’re too small, but he says it’s because I’m still growing.  Sometimes I can barely keep my breasts contained in the push-up bras he brings home!  Daddy tells me it’s okay and that he likes when he can see the pink of my nipples peek out above the lace edge of my bra.  So I’m happy too, because I like nothing better than pleasing my Daddy.

Every so often my Daddy has to go away on business trips and I can’t go with him.  He doesn’t like to do that, he thinks I’m too young to stay on my own for very long, so sometimes he will have one of his friends look in on me and make sure I’m not breaking any of our rules.  When Daddy isn’t here, I have to give Daddy’s friends the same respect I give my Daddy.  But I must never, ever, call them Daddy, only Sir.

When my Daddy’s away I get very lonely and ache to play with myself.  But I know Daddy’s rule, I’m only allowed to come when he says so.  So I try really, really hard to be a good girl and not touch myself at all while I wait for my Daddy to come home.

One time, when Daddy surprised me and came home from his business trip early, he caught me swimming naked in our pool.  Normally Daddy encourages me to swim and exercise, but this time the gardener was working in the yard, and he was watching me.  And I liked it.  Oh, Daddy saw that right away.  He dragged me from the pool and into his office and onto the big leather couch.  He pulled me over his knee and demanded to know why I was swimming naked and teasing the gardener with something he could never, ever have.  I confessed to Daddy that I was so lonely waiting for him to come back, that I kept have naughty dreams at night and I would wake up with the sheets wet from my orgasms.  And I know I’m not allowed to do that unless Daddy gives me permission.  But Daddy explained to me that I couldn’t control what I dreamed about, no matter how hard I tried.  And that he would never be mad at me for something I couldn’t control.  But, he said, I still needed to be punished for swimming naked in front of another man without his permission.  He said he would punish me and please me all at once.  ‘How,’ I asked.  ‘You’ll see.’  And he started to spank my bottom until it was red and warm.  I was squirming in his lap, rubbing against his hard cock, trying to control the wetness I knew was seeping down my thighs.  Then he spread his knees apart and pushed down on the small of my back so my red bottom was raised even higher and my legs parted just a little too much to be considered proper.  He started to spank my bottom again, this time lower down, closer to my tight, dark virgin hole, and I felt a shock of sensation run right to my pussy.

‘Oh Daddy!’ I exclaimed as he brought his hand down again and again on my sensitive skin.  With his other hand he groped my naked breasts and fondled my nipples, pulling at them the way I loved.

‘Daddy!  I’m going to come!  Please can I come!?!’  I could hear the smile in his voice when he asked if I was punished enough.  ‘Yes, Daddy, yes!  I promise I will never let another man look at me.  Not without your permission!  Please?  Now?’

I squirmed and writhed on his lap as he kept up a steady rhythm on my bottom.  ‘Okay baby girl, come for me.’  As soon as I heard those words, I screamed and moaned while my orgasm shook my body from head to toe.

See, my Daddy always knows what’s best for me…and that’s why I love being Daddy’s girl.


  1. thanks, and keep up the great work

  2. big like! – thanks .

  3. Bloggers are not appreciated enough, keep up the great writing.

  4. bleever Said:

    very nice

  5. il Gordo Said:

    I really enjoyed this, thanks.

  6. il Gordo Said:

    Well, I only recently discovered it. Do you still write?

  7. il Gordo Said:

    That sounds like it might be because of sadness. I hope not, you’re too pretty to be sad.

    • Thank you. Sometimes I’m a little sad, but also lacking ‘experiences’ to write about.

  8. annabelle Said:

    You should make more daddy’s girl stories. Three just wasn’t enough for me :)

  9. lonely girl Said:

    Thank you! I really enjoy your daddy’s girl stories. Always a big fantasy for me. I also agree, you need to write more of them. :)

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      Hello Anonymous. Do I know you?

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      Thats messed up

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        Hey text me 5197550992

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