Mr. Clark’s Assistant – Redux

This is the companion piece to Mr. Clark’s Assistant, told from Chloe’s point of view.


This job is going to kill me, how much longer I can really work like this?  I hear his voice, I shiver.  He walks past my desk, I get wet.  I go home every night and fantasize about him while I masturbate.  Taking my work home like this can’t be good for me.

Mr. Clark.  Sigh.  Mr. Clark is perfect.  Perfectly tall, perfectly gorgeous, and so perfectly sexy.   But so far, Mr. Clark is perfectly content to stay away from me.

Sometimes I see him through the half closed blinds that cover the window separating his office from mine.  I like to imagine that he looks at me, but I’m not sure.  His eyes don’t give much away.  But I always smile back at him…a naughty little smile…and hope he knows what I’m thinking…

The buzzer on my desk sounds to summon me to his office, “Chloe, could you come in here for a moment?”

A little thrill runs through me as I push back my chair and straighten my skirt before going in, “Yes, Mr. Clark?”  God, I love saying that.  Mr. Clark.  It rolls off my tongue and makes me feel just a little bit bad.

He looks up from his desk, “Chloe, do you think you could work late tonight?  I need your help to finish up the Hallett proposal.”  I hesitate for just a moment.  There’s something about his voice when he says my name, all low and gravelly, so sexy it puts butterflies in my stomach.

“What if I order in dinner for us?  Would that make up for it?”   I look back at him and smile, “Yes, Mr. Clark, I’d be happy too.”

“You’re sure you don’t have anywhere else you need to be?” he asks.

I shake my head slowly and turn to leave, “No, I’m happy to stay if you need me.”  That’s it, I have to ask…  “Will that be all Mr. Clark…or is there something else I can do for you?”

Oh please ask, please ask…I’ll do anything…  “No Chloe, that’s good for now, thank you.”  Damn it.  As I turn to leave, I catch the scent of his cologne and moisture rushes to my cunt.  God, this is going to be a long, long night.

Back at my desk, I try and concentrate on my work.  There are files to proof and tenders that need a finishing touch before they can be sent out.  I hear music coming from Mr. Clark’s office.  Hmmm, distracting.  I try to angle my chair so I can watch him out of the corner of my eye.  Okay, more distracting.  God, I could stare at the little cleft in his chin all afternoon…in fact, I know I waste far too many office hours thinking about kissing that sexy chin than I really should.

At 5:30, I berate myself for agreeing to this delicious torture and step to the doorway of his office, “Mr. Clark, are you ready for me?”

He looks up and nods for me to come in.  “Chloe, are you sure you don’t need to get out of here?  I mean, you must have someone waiting at home for you?”

I take a step closer, narrowing the gap between us, “No,” I say softly, “There’s no one waiting for me.”  Another step.  “And anyway, I want to be here Mr. Clark.  I’ve been waiting for a chance to show you how just how much…” I pause and smile at him, “Just how much I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me.”

Oh god, what did I just say?

He’s my boss!  I can’t do this!  And what if he says no?  That would be so humiliating, I’m with him every single day.  Oh.  Right.  I’m with him every day…that could be very, very good…

“Well, let’s get started then.  I’ve printed off the proposal for you to take a look at,” he gestures to the pile of papers covering his desk, “I’m just not sure about some of the images.  It feels like they’re clashing, fighting with each other, what do you think?”

Shuffling through the pages, I lean over his desk to take a closer look.  I can just see the hard muscles of his chest inside his shirt.   “Hmmm, I don’t really think it’s the images, more just the colours you’re using.  What if we tried to bring up the intensity a bit?”

I turn back towards him, “Can you pull them up on your computer so I can play around with them a bit, Mr. Clark?”

He opens up the files and offers me his chair.  I shake my head, “No, no, sit.  I can just lean in here.”  I step in between his open legs and the desk, and lean forward while my fingers tap the keys and manipulate the images on the screen.

“There, is that better?”  I step back so he can see the screen, at the same time he moves in towards the desk, nudging me off balance.  He catches me as I tumble into his lap.

I freeze.  Mr. Clark, with his tall sexy body and dark brown hair, now has me sitting in his lap.  And I’m not moving.  And I can feel his dick grazing my thigh through my skirt, making me wet all over again.

“Umm, Chloe…”

“Yes, Mr. Clark,” I smile awkwardly and squirm as I turn around in his lap and trap his hard on between us.  Oops.

“I, umm, don’t you want to…”

Well, I guess I can’t really embarrass myself any more, can I?  So I lean in close, my voice low, “I want to do whatever you want me to, Mr. Clark.”

He looks back at me and places a hand on my skirt-covered thigh.  I smile more.

“I know you watch me through the blinds; I can feel your eyes on me.”

Or at least I hope that’s what he does.  His cock feels like steel against me, that has to mean something, right?  Shit.  He pulls his hand away quick, but I grab it and put it back on my thigh, just a little higher than before, “No,” I grin at him, “I like it.  I want you looking at me…knowing you’re thinking about my body against yours.”  Hell, he can always fire me for sexual harassment if I’m wrong.

I take my hand off his to loosen his tie and undo the top few buttons of his shirt.  My hand slides across his chest, my fingers curling in the hair there.  Oh god, how long have I waited to do this?  And he’s not stopping me.

“Isn’t that what you do, Mr. Clark?” I say teasingly.  “Sit behind that desk of yours, stroking your big cock, wondering what it would be like to have me on my knees, doing what ever you ask?”

He moves his hand up under the edge of my skirt, playing with the strap of my garter.  I can feel him run his finger back and forth underneath it, testing the tension that holds my stockings in place.  His rough hands run possessively over my skin.

I’ve got to know, I have to risk it, “You know I’d do whatever you want, right Mr. Clark?  All you have to do is tell me.”

He smiles back at me and lets his hand travel further up under my skirt.  Grazing the edge of my thong panties, his fingers slowly explore me.  How can I be this wet from just a few strokes of his hand?  He looks back at me, his eyes waiting for a reaction from mine.

I can’t wait anymore.  I have to kiss him, feel his lips against mine.  It’s a soft kiss, but wanting, questioning him.  I pull back and wait.

His eyes are still locked on mine as he slips his fingers inside the damp scrap of fabric that barely covers me.  I feel his fingertips slide along the edge of my pussy, driving me insane.  I don’t want him to stop and a low moan escapes my lips as he starts to stroke me.  I try to keep my eyes open, but I can’t, they close waiting for his next touch on my skin.  His cock is huge between us and I can’t wait to wrap my lips around it.  He slips one finger into my soaking pussy and I feel him hesitate just a bit when he realizes how tight I am.  It’s been a long time…a really long time.   I wonder if he’ll fuck me?  God, I want him so badly it hurts.  He pushes in just a little more before he pulls out and starts to play with my clit.  His teasing is driving me wild and I want his fingers to fill me back up again.

“Again,” I whisper.

He slides two fingers in this time.  In and out slowly, taking his time, rubbing my tight nub with the pad of his thumb.  His hands are so big, in constant contact with every piece of my wet, hot sex.  I want more and squirm and rock myself against him.  He knows how to read me and forces in one more finger.  I can’t get enough and I’m ready to beg for more…beg him to do whatever he wants to me.

I open my eyes, lean forward and lightly bite his bottom lip.  “I think you need to punish me Mr. Clark.”

He raises an eyebrow, “Oh and why is that Chloe?”  I can’t help it, I shiver when he says my name.

I slip off his lap and lean over the desk, pushing all the papers to the floor.  “Oops,” I look back at him with a grin.  “Sorry.”  I open his top desk drawer and take out the wooden ruler with the metal edge he uses for his rough drawings.  I dangle it between my thumb and forefinger, swinging it back and forth.  “You might need this.”

He grabs the ruler from me, “Turn around and bend over the desk.”  He runs the edge of the ruler up along the back of my stocking clad legs.  I tremble with excitement, knowing what’s coming next.  “Hmmm, you have been a bad girl, haven’t you?  What should I do with you?”  I lay forward across the oak desk, my arms stretched out on either side of me as I hear him stand up from his chair.  Before I can take a breath, his hands are on my hips and he pops the snap open and yanks the hidden zipper down, letting my skirt drop to the floor.

I wonder what he’s thinking as he stands above me, seeing me half naked, waiting for him to spank me?  I feel a trickle of wetness as it slides down the inside of my thigh before the edge of my stocking stops it.  I’m breathing hard, almost panting, just waiting for him to touch me again.  Suddenly he pushes up the edge of my white blouse and bends over my body, leaving a trail of soft, wet kisses down the path of my spine.

“Chloe, are you sure?”

“Yes,” I say softly, “I trust you.”

He pulls the ruler back and lightly spanks me.  Pleasure edged with pain has me wanting more.  I catch my breath, bite my lip and close my eyes.  He spanks me again and the sensation goes straight to my cunt.

This is too strange.  What is it about him?  I’ve never had the urge to let anyone do this to me…but him, I’d let him do what ever he wanted.  I want him to push my limits, dominate me, and let me give in to the sexual fantasies I’ve always kept locked away.

He sets the ruler back down on the desk and runs his hands over me, kissing and licking to take the sting away.  I arch my back and moan at his touch, and his hands roam over my skin and tangle in my hair.

“Thank you Mr. Clark,” I smile up at him.

I stand up, step out of the puddle of my skirt and turn to him, waiting.  “So, what else can I do for you?”  I run my hands down his skin.  He’s so much bigger than me, even in my heels I’m just level with his broad chest.  His eyes are dark, almost glazed over, as he looks down at me.  Does he like this game we’re playing?

He starts to undo my shirt, button by button, until its hanging open.  I’m standing before him in just my stockings, garter and bra, along with my thong panties.  Waiting.  Aching for him to touch me again.

And then he pulls me close and bends down to kiss me.  It starts out soft and slow, but it’s not enough, I want more.  He covers my neck and shoulders with kisses and buries his face in my hair.  His body is tight against mine, a perfect fit, and I respond to his lips, his fingers, his needs.  In the back of my mind I know I’m too far gone…I’ll do anything he asks.

I watch as he undresses himself for me.  He takes off his tie and undoes his shirt, letting it hang open.  God, he’s amazing.  I can’t help myself and began to lick his chest and graze his nipples with my teeth.  I need him and my fingers start to tug at his belt.  He pulls me with him, leans against the wall and pushes me down so I’m on my knees before him.

I look up at him with a grin, “Tell me what you want Mr. Clark.”

Our game was starting again.  “Take off your blouse, your bra too, I want to see you wearing my shirt.”  I let my top slide off my shoulders and onto the floor before I pull his shirt to me, bringing it to my nose and inhaling his scent.  It smells clean and soapy and completely male, just like he always does.  I put it on, the sleeves reaching far past my fingertips, and wait for his next command.

“Undo my belt,” he orders and leans back against the wall, “Now my pants.”  I let my nails graze his stomach as I pop the button and slide his pants down around his hips.  Oh my, Mr. Clark likes to go commando…perfect, less to remove before I get his cock in my mouth.

I let my hands sit lightly on his thighs, my mouth just inches away from his balls, tickling them with my breath.  “Lick me,” he tells me, and the pink tip of my tongue darts out to taste him.  I feel my pussy clench as I slowly lick him, tasting him, everywhere, letting his balls slip inside my mouth, rolling them around with my tongue.  “Chloe,” I hear him moan as his hands drop to my shoulders.

“What else, Mr. Clark?” I tease.

There’s a pause as he looks back down at me.  “Stroke my cock when you lick me.”  He’s so big, I can barely close my fist around him as I bring my wet lips to his head.  I can’t touch him enough to satisfy me and I start to fondle his balls, licking them, sucking them, keeping them in constant contact with my mouth.  As soon as I start, I know it’s not going to be enough…for either of us.  “Chloe, I want you to suck me…lick me all over.”

My tongue slips out and delicately licks the drop of moisture off the tip of his cock.  My nipples harden at the taste of him.  “More,” he groans, and my tongue circles around him, slipping him in and out of my mouth, toying with him.  I run little kisses from the base of his dick up to the top and back down again.  Slow than fast.  I close my eyes and a little moan of pleasure escapes, I just can’t hold back anymore.  I pull him into my mouth and suck hard, he’s so big and wide I need to raise myself up so I can take him all the way to the back of my throat.  I feel his hands on the top of my head, controlling me, keeping me in my place.  I let my hands drift to his back, scratching at him, rubbing his skin, and take him in even further.  I feel him start to tense and wait for him to come, hot and salty, in my mouth.

“Chloe, stop,” he whispers, “You have to stop.”

My heart stops.  Doesn’t he like this?  With my arms still wrapped around him, I tilt my head back and look up, “Did I do something wrong Mr. Clark?”

“God, no,” he says, laughing.  “But you told me to tell you what I want…and I have something else I want you to do for me.”  Oh, our little game wasn’t going to end.  He gave me his hand and helped me up.  God, he looks even sexier now, broad shoulders, bare chest.  I get goose bumps just looking at him.

I watch as he kicks off his pants, takes me by the waist and pushes me back against the desk.  He lifts me up so I’m just sitting on the edge, my stocking clad legs dangling down, heels still on.  And then he’s kissing me.  Slowly.  Agonizingly slowly.  Down my jaw, along the curve of my neck to my shoulder, licking and biting his way across my collarbones.  Every time his lips hit my skin sparks go off in my head.  He pushes his shirt down off my shoulders leaving it halfway down my arms, trapping me.  His lips go lower, kissing the tops of my breasts and I can feel his 5 o’clock shadow scrape against my skin.  Every little movement makes my nipples contract with pleasure, waiting for him to touch me.  I open my legs to him and he pushes one of his in between mine while he tugs and pulls at my breasts, making me gasp at the sensations running through me.   I try to pull him to me, on me, in me, anything to close the gap between us.

“Chloe,” he commands, “keep your hands down on the desk.”  I obey instantly…

Instead I push myself towards his leg so I can rub my pussy against his thigh.  “Stop,” he growls.  “You’ll wait until I want to touch you there.”   I look up, ready to plead with him, but instead I decide to be patient, “Yes, Mr. Clark,” I say with a smile.

He takes one breast in his mouth and sucks on it, while his fingers play with the rock hard nipple on my other, rolling it between his thumb and finger, pulling and pinching, waiting for my reaction.  The sensation is so intense that I’m barely able to whimper, “Harder,” as a new gush of moisture drips from my cunt.  I squirm as he bites at me and drags his stubbled cheek along my skin.  He is everywhere.  Overtaking me, making me his own.  His scent, the salty sweat of his skin, I want more from him, I want everything he can give me.

I lean back further as he pushes me down and lays me out before him.  His lips travel down my stomach, and I open my thighs, inviting him to explore.  The thin fabric of my thong panties is no protection from his probing fingers as he strokes me through the damp cloth.  My breathing is all jagged and harsh, I can’t take much more of this teasing.

“Do you like this Chloe?” he asks.

My voice is barely a whisper, “Very much, Mr. Clark.”

“Do you still want me to tell you what I want to do?”

“Please…”  God please.

“First I’m going to kiss those perfect thighs of yours,” he leans over and leaves a path of wet kisses up one thigh and down the other.  “Then I’m going to stroke you very, very slowly,” he says, as he moves the tiny triangle of fabric to the side so he can drag his fingertips through my little patch of hair and into my wet cunt.  My eyes are on him as he pulls back his fingers and brings them to his mouth, licking off my tart, earthy cream.  As much as I want him to plunge himself inside my secret self, I know we have more of our game to play.  “I want to taste you Chloe,” and I moan as his tongue quickly touches my clit, the sensation racing right to my core.

“Oh, more…please…don’t make me wait.”

“Please, what?”

“Mr. Clark…please.”

“That’s better.”

I feel him lick and suck all around my swollen sex, pushing his tongue in further and further.   Every one of my secret spots is uncovered by his clever touch.  I’m at his mercy and he doesn’t even know it.

“God Chloe, I love how wet you are for me.”  As soon as he says it, electricity runs through me.  I want him to bury himself in my tight cunt and never let me forget he was there.  His touch is driving me wild and I can feel my orgasm building, threatening to explode.  I’d never been with anyone who could make my heart race like this.  Someone I want to please so very badly, someone who turns me on so hard and so fast.  All he has to do is graze his thumb along my clit and my body is jumping with pleasure, lick me once and I’m moaning his name.  He’s who I’ve been waiting for.  I want him to possess me, make me his.

He stands back up and pulls me to him.  “Kiss me, I want you to taste yourself on my lips.”  I push myself against his chest, kissing him, pressing myself against his solid bulk.  I can’t wait much longer.  I need him now.

“Undress for me,” he instructs.

With my eyes locked on his, I slip off my heels.  Bending over, I unclasp each set of clips on my garter and slowly rolled down the sheer stockings.  With a tug of my fingers, I pull down my panties and undo my garter belt.  Last, with my eyes still locked on his, I start to take off his shirt.

“Leave it on.”

I smile and nod, “Of course, Mr. Clark.”

He pulls me back against him, running his hands down my body all the while teasing me with his cock, rubbing it back and forth over my sensitive lips, getting wet from the hot cream flowing out of me.  How can he do this to me?  I’m not going to last long under his wicked touch.  But then I feel him inside, breaking me slowly.

I rake my nails along his back, “Please, I want to cum.”

But he shakes his head and smiles.  “You can only cum when I say so,” he whispers in my ear.

Eyes closed, I melt as he forces himself in a little more.  He’s so thick and wide, he’s going to split me in two.  I’ve never felt so deliciously full.  His body against mine, straining to fill me up, invade me.  I can’t get enough, I want him to pour himself into me and make me beg for more.  I want him to bring me to the edge and deny me again and again, until my body is completely his.  Don’t stop, don’t stop, I scream in my head as he drives in as far as he can go.  I can barely breathe, knowing the slightest movement will set me off.  He’s kissing, licking, biting me, driving closer and closer to orgasm.  I can’t help it anymore, I start to squeeze his cock, tightening myself around him, trying to pull him deep inside me.  Finally he gives in to my demands and he starts fucking me madly.  Harder and harder he fucks my tight pussy, as I whimper and moan beneath him.

“Don’t cum yet, Chloe,” he breathes in my ear, “Not until I tell you to…”

His voice brings me back to reality and I do my best to please him.  I don’t want to cum until he lets me.  I want him to have that control over me.  I pull back and pay attention as he inhales my scent.  “Oh Chloe,” he moans as he comes hard.  He pumps everything he has into my waiting cunt and doesn’t stop, bringing me to the verge of orgasm again.

And suddenly a change comes over him.  He stops and turns me around, bending me back over the desk.  He’s hard again as he takes me from behind and slides right back into my wet pussy.  Each stroke brings me to me knees.  He rides me harder and faster as I moan and plead, begging him to let me cum.  Vibrating with anticipation, just one word from him will release me.

He pulls out again and spins me back around, pushing me up against his desk.  His fingers are back in my soaking cunt, bringing me even closer than before.  I’ll do anything he ever asks if he’d just let me cum.

“Chloe, tell me what you want?” he whispers in my ear.

“I want to cum, I need to cum now.”

“Chloe…,” he warns.

“I, um…I want to cum…please,” I’m begging now, moaning his name, “Please, Mr. Clark.  I want to cum in your mouth…oh, please…”  I’m panting, right on the edge.

He kneels down before me, “Come for me, Chloe,” he whispers, his lips like feathers against my cunt, “Now.”

And at his word, I’m released from this sweet torture.  I arch my back and push my wet pussy against him.  Orgasms spill out of me, over and over, long and hard, draining me of any rational thought other than the pleasure that comes from his touch.  I quiver and shake as I pull at him, making him take everything I have to offer.

When we finish, he kisses his way back up my body until he reaches my lips.  I’m still shaking as he scoops me up, carries me back over to his chair and sits down with me on his lap.  Slowly he begins to trace little circles around my still hard nipples, kisses my neck, strokes my hair.

“So Chloe, are you ready for dinner now?”  I follow his glance towards the window and see our dinner on my desk.  My eyes go wide as I realize what this means…and suddenly I’m ready to play again.


  1. Chris Said:

    One day I’ll get to the end of this story…

    • Chris, try the two ‘Daddy’s Girl’ stories, I think you’ll appreciate them…

      • Anonymous Said:

        I did, these are still my fav. did you get my email the other day?

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