Mr. Clark’s Assistant

This story took me an incredibly long time to write.  I think it’s because I was trying to write in the voice of a man, and let’s face it, I have absolutely no idea how you guys think.

4/19/10 – Update:  Yesterday I essentially re-wrote this story to better clarify the point of view.  And since it’s received such a great response from readers, I decided to submit it for publication…so fingers crossed.


Well, no one could accuse me of hiring her just for her looks; she was a damn good assistant too.  She’d already taken care of one nagging client, coordinated my appointments so I could come into the office a little later in the morning and reformatted our company’s most recent tender so it looked like it came out of some hot shot New York City ad firm.

But God, seeing her walk around the office makes my cock ache.  Everyday, those short skirts and heels.  And always, “Yes, Mr. Clark”, looking right at me with those big brown eyes of hers.  I swear she would say ‘Yes, Mr. Clark’ to anything I asked of her…which was a good thing, since I need her to work late with me tonight.

I can see her through the half closed blinds that cover the window separating her office from mine.  I’m pretty sure she never noticed me watching, but every so often I catch a glimpse of a smile and it makes me wonder if she knows what I’m thinking.

I push the buzzer on my desk, “Chloe, could you come in here for a moment?”

From the corner of my eye I watch as she pushes back her chair and straightens her skirt before coming through the doorway, “Yes, Mr. Clark?”  There it is again.  Something about her voice when she says my name, all low and throaty, so sexy it puts butterflies in my stomach.

I look up from my desk, “Chloe, do you think you could work late tonight?  I need your help to finish up the Hallett proposal.”  I see her hesitate just for a moment, “What if I order in dinner for us?  Would that make up for it?”

She looks back at me, a smile playing on her lips, “Yes, Mr. Clark, I’d be happy to.”

“You’re sure you don’t have anywhere else you need to be?” I ask.

She shakes her head slowly and turns to leave, “No, I’m happy to stay if you need me”.  She pauses for a second, “Will that be all Mr. Clark…or is there something else I can do for you?”

I swallow hard at the thoughts her question puts in my head, “No Chloe, that’s good for now, thank you.”  As she turns to leave, I smell a trace of the perfume she always wears.  It makes me hard.  Again.  My cock seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to Chloe.

Before I forget, I place our delivery order for dinner and then turn on some music.  I spend the next few hours answering E-mails and reading over the latest job submissions, trying not to watch her through the window.  But when she sits at just the right angle, I can see the top of her stockings, right where the clips on her garters bite into them.   And that pale strip of skin before her thighs are hidden under her skirt…damn, I waste far too many office hours thinking about what she wears under those skirts.

It was just past 5:30 and suddenly she is standing in the doorway to my office, “Mr. Clark, are you ready for me?”

I look up, surprised the day is over, and nod for her to come in.  “Chloe, are you sure you don’t need to get out of here?  I mean, you must have someone waiting at home for you?”

She takes a step closer, narrowing the gap between us, “No,” she says softly, “There’s no one waiting for me.”  Another step.  “And anyway, I want to be here Mr. Clark.  I’ve been waiting for a chance to show you how just how much…” She pauses and smiles at me, “Just how much I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me.”

Wait, is that what I think it is?

I clear my throat.  No way…she doesn’t mean…hmmm…maybe she does.  She is only a few years younger than me, but I am her boss.  Can I do this?  I’m with her every single day.  Oh.  Right.  I’m with her every day…this could be very good…

“Well, let’s get started then.  I’ve printed off the proposal for you to take a look at,” I gesture to the pile of papers covering my desk, “I’m just not sure about some of the images.  It feels like they’re clashing, fighting with each other, what do you think?”

She shuffles through the pages and leans over my desk to take a closer look.  I can just glimpse the lace edge of her black bra under her crisp, white, French cuffed shirt.  “Hmmm, I don’t really think it’s the images, more just the colours you’re using.  What if we tried to bring up the intensity a bit?”

She turns back towards me, “Can you pull them up on your computer so I can play around with them a bit, Mr. Clark?”

I open up the files and offer her my chair.  She shakes her head, “No, no, sit.  I can just lean in here.”  She steps in between my open legs and the desk, and leans forward while her fingers tap the keys and manipulate the images on the screen.

“There, is that better?”  She steps back so I can see the screen, at the same time I move in towards the desk, nudging her off balance.  I catch her as she tumbles into my lap.

I freeze. Chloe, with her curves and her long brown hair, is sitting in my lap.  And not moving.  And I can feel her thigh grazing my dick through my pants, making me hard all over again.

“Umm, Chloe…”

“Yes, Mr. Clark,” she smiles shyly and turns those brown eyes on me as she squirms further back in my lap, trapping my hard on between us.

“I, umm, don’t you want to…”

She leans in close, her voice low, “I want to do whatever you want me to, Mr. Clark.”

I look back at her and place a hand on her skirt-covered thigh.  She smiles more.

“I know you watch me through the blinds; I can feel your eyes on me.”

Shit.  This isn’t what I thought it was.  I quickly pull my hand away, but she grabs it and puts it back on her thigh, just a little bit higher than before, “No,” she grins mischievously at me, “I like it.  I want you looking at me…knowing you’re thinking about my body against yours.”

She takes her hand off mine and moves to loosen my tie, undoing the top few buttons of my shirt.  Her hand slides across my chest, fingers curling in the hair there.

“Isn’t that what you do, Mr. Clark?” she says teasingly.  “Sit behind that desk of yours, stroking your big cock, wondering what it would be like to have me on my knees, doing what ever you ask?”

Hmmm, naughty girl.  I start to move my hand up under the edge of her skirt, playing with the strap of her garter.  Running my finger back and forth underneath it, I can feel the tension as it holds her sheer stocking in place.  Her skin is warm against my fingertips, smooth and soft.

Chloe stares at me intently, “You know I’d do whatever you want Mr. Clark?  All you have to do is tell me.”

I smile back at her and let my hand travel further up under her skirt.  Grazing the edge of her thong panties, I let my fingers slowly explore.  I can feel how wet she is…just for me.  I look back at her, my eyes waiting for a reaction from hers.

She shifts a little on my lap and leans in to kiss me.  Her lips taste sweet, like raspberries, as they push against mine, her tongue slipping in between mine.  It’s a soft kiss, but wanting, questioning me.  She pulls back from me and waits.

My eyes are still locked on hers as I slip my fingers inside the damp scrap of fabric that barely covers her.  My fingertips slide along the edge of her pussy, feeling her hot wetness.  I’m not sure how far I can push her, but she urges me on with a low moan.  Slowly I stroked her silky folds, watching as her eyes close in anticipation.  My cock feels huge between us, straining, waiting for her to touch it.  I slip one finger into her soaking pussy, amazed at how tight she is.  A smile plays along her lips as she catches her breath. ‘Oh god,’ I think. ‘I want to fuck her.’  I push in just a little further before sliding out again to play with her clit, teasing her, letting her fidget in my lap.

“Again,” she whispers.

I push two fingers in this time.  In and out, slowly, taking my time, rubbing her sensitive tight nub with the pad of my thumb.  She squirms and rocks herself as I cover her whole cunt with the palm my hand.  She’s still so tight, but I force in one more finger, feeling her willing cunt clamp on my fingers as I invade her.

After a few minutes of teasing she opens her eyes, leans forward and lightly bites my bottom lip.  “I think you need to punish me Mr. Clark.”

I raise an eyebrow, “Oh, and why is that Chloe?”  She shivers when I say her name.

She slips off my lap and leans over my desk, pushing all the papers to the floor.  “Oops,” she looks back at me with a grin.  “Sorry.”  She opens my top drawer and takes out the wooden ruler with the metal edge I use for my rough drawings.  She dangles it between her thumb and forefinger, swinging it back and forth.  “You might need this.”

I grab for the ruler, “Turn around and bend over the desk”, I tell her as I run the edge of the ruler up along the backs of her stocking clad legs.  I see her tremble at the touch.  “Hmmm, you have been a bad girl, haven’t you?  What should I do with you?”  I push back my chair and stand behind her.  Her arms are stretched out on either side of her, spread out along the top of my oak desk.  My hands fall to her hips and find the hidden zipper on the side of her skirt.  Pulling the snap open, I yank the zip down and let the black material rush down to the floor.

I step back a moment and gaze down at the stripe of black garter against her plump, round ass.  I see a trickle of wetness as it slides down the inside of her thigh before stopping at the edge of her stocking.  She’s breathing deep, almost panting, as I push up the edge of her white blouse exposing the smooth skin of her back.  I bend over, covering her body with mine, as I leave a trail of soft, wet kisses down the path of her spine.

“Chloe, are you sure?”

“Yes,” she says softly, “I trust you.”

I pull the ruler back and lightly spank her ass.  A welt blooms red on her pale skin.  Her breath catches as she bites her lip and closes her eyes.  I do it again and another stinging welt appears beside the first.

This is bizarre.  I’d never done anything like this before, ever.  But the power she’s giving me over her body is so fucking sexy.  Chloe is giving herself to me, trusting me to go no further than we can handle.

I set the ruler back down on the desk and run my hands over the red marks, kissing and licking them to take the sting away.  She moans at my touch, arching her back.  I let my hands roam up over her skin, getting them get tangled in her hair.

“Thank you Mr. Clark,” she smiles up at me.

She raises herself up from my desk, steps out of the puddle of her skirt and turns to face me.  She looks up at me expectantly, waiting, “So, what can I do for you?”

With her long hair tousled about her face and swollen, pouty lips, she looks like some sex vixen from a dirty magazine when she runs her hands down my body.  In the office she always has everything under her precise control, and I had forgotten just how tiny and small she was compared to me.  I tower over her…and she’d look almost vulnerable, if it weren’t for that knowing look in her eyes.  She likes this game we were playing.

I undo her shirt, button by button, until its hanging open.  She stands before me in just her stockings, garter and bra, along with her thong panties.  Waiting for me to tell her whatever I want her to do for me.

Pulling her close, I bend down to kiss her.  Soft and slow, but I can’t get enough and soon I’m drinking in her essence.  I begin to cover her neck and shoulders with kisses, burying my face in her hair.  Her body is tight against mine, melded to me, responding to my lips, my fingers, my needs.  I want to dominate and protect her at the same time.  In the back of my head I know I can ask her to do anything for me, but I don’t want to do that, not yet.

Slowly I start to push her away from me; I can’t wait anymore, I want her wet, pink mouth on my cock.   I take off my tie and undo the rest of the buttons on my shirt, letting it hang open.  Right away she starts to lick my chest.  Grazing my nipples with her teeth, her fingers tugging at my belt.  I pull her with me so I can lean against the wall and then push her down so she is kneeling in front of me.

Chloe looks up at me with a grin on her face, “Tell me what you want Mr. Clark.”

Our game was starting again.  “Take off your blouse, your bra too, I want to see you wearing my shirt.”  I watch as she lets her blouse slide back off her shoulders and onto the floor.  She reaches up to take my shirt, bringing it to her nose and inhaling my scent before she pulls it on.

“Undo my belt,” I say, leaning against the wall, my legs already weak waiting for her sweet mouth around my cock, “Now my pants.”  I feel her nails graze my stomach as she pops the button and pulls my them down around my hips.  I see her smile as my erection springs free…oh yeah, I’d gone commando today…oh well…

She places her hands flat on my thighs, her mouth just inches away from my balls, her breath tickling them.  “Lick me,” I tell her.  The pink tip of her tongue darts out from between her lips to taste me.  She keeps it slow, licking, tasting, everywhere, letting my balls slip inside her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue.  “Chloe,” I moan.  My hands drop to her shoulders, grabbing them.

“What else, Mr. Clark?” she teases me.

I was so lost from her touch, I’d forgotten I was supposed to be telling her what I wanted.  “Stroke my cock when you lick me.”  I look down to see her grasp hold of my stiff dick with one hand and use the other to fondle my balls, keeping them in constant contact with her wet mouth.  As soon as she starts to rub me, I know it isn’t going to be enough.  “Chloe, I want you to suck me…lick me all over.”

Her tongue slips out and delicately licks the moisture off the tip of my cock.  As soon as she touches me, it feels like liquid fire running through my veins.  “More,” I groan, and she moves her perfect little tongue in circles around my throbbing, purple head.  Slipping me in and out of her mouth, teasing me, torturing me.  I watch as she licks me from the base of my shaft up to the top and back down again.  Slow than fast.  Her eyes are closed, but she is moaning in pleasure.  Suddenly I feel her take more of me into her mouth, her wet warmth encircling me as she sucks hard.  She has to raise herself up to better take my length and I can feel my balls nestled against her tits.  God, I love the way she sucks my cock.  I can’t help it and I put my hand on the top of her head so I can control her more.  I want to fuck her mouth, fuck those lips I’d fantasized about every damn day.  I feel her move her hands around to my back, rubbing and scratching my skin, pulling me into her mouth even more.  I know I’m going to come soon if I don’t stop, and I wasn’t ready for our game to end yet.

“Chloe, stop,” I whisper, “You have to stop.”

Arms still wrapped around me, she tilts her head back and looks up with a scared look in her eyes, “Did I do something wrong Mr. Clark?”

“God, no,” I said, laughing.  “But you told me to tell you what I want…and I have something else I want you to do for me.”  I give her my hand and help her stand up.  She looks even sexier than before.  Hair tousled, skin flushed, wearing my shirt.  I got goose bumps just looking at her.

I kick off my pants, put my hands on her waist and push her back towards the desk.  I help her up so she is sitting on the edge, stocking clad legs dangling down, her heels still on.  Slowly I begin to kiss her.  I start at the line of her jaw and follow the curve of her neck all the way down to her shoulder.   I lick and bite my way across her collarbones feeling her breath quicken with each touch.  I slip my shirt off her shoulders, and bring it halfway down her arms, leaving her trapped beneath me.  My lips go lower, kissing the tops of her breasts, feeling my 5 o’clock shadow scrape against her skin.  I savour the delicious weight of her tits in my hands, her nipples hardening even more, dark pink and swollen with need, waiting for my touch.  I push one leg in between her two and start to tug and pull on her breasts, making her gasp with pleasure.   She tries to reach me, to run her hands along my arms and distract me.  “Chloe,” I command, “keep your hands down on the desk”,.  And she obeys, instantly… interesting…

She pushes herself towards my leg, trying to rub her wet pussy against my thigh.  “Stop,” I growl, “You’ll wait until I want to touch you there.”   She looks up at me, almost making me lose control, “Yes, Mr. Clark,” she says and smiles.

I take one heavy breast in my mouth and suck on it while I let my fingers play with the hard nipple on the other, rolling it between my thumb and finger, pulling and pinching, waiting for her reaction.  “Harder,” she whimpers and I feel my cock grow another inch.  I bite at her and drag my stubbled cheek along her smooth skin, feeling her squirm under the sensation.  I can’t hold back much long, she is everywhere.  Invading me.  Her scent, the salty sweat of her skin, I want more of her and I want everything from her.

I push her further back on my desk so she’s laid out before me.  As my lips travel down her stomach, she opens her creamy thighs for me to explore.  The thin fabric of her thong panties is hardly a barrier to what I want now.  I stroke her through the damp cloth and listen to her breathing turn jagged and harsh.

“Do you like this Chloe?” I ask.

Her voice is barely a whisper, “Very much, Mr. Clark.”

“Do you still want me to tell you what I want to do?”


“First I’m going to kiss those perfect thighs of yours,” I lean in and leave a path of wet kisses up one thigh and down the other.  “Then I’m going to stroke you very, very slowly,” I say, as I move the tiny triangle of fabric to the side and drag my fingertips through the little patch of hair and into her wet cunt.  When I pull back my fingers are covered with her cream.  I bring my fingers to my mouth and I can taste her tart, earthy flavour.  It makes me want to plunge myself into her secret folds, but I know we still have a little more of our game to play.  “I want to taste you Chloe,” I let my tongue quickly touch her clit and hear her moan from above me.

“Oh, more…please…don’t make me wait.”

“Please, what?”

“Please, Mr. Clark…please.”

“That’s better.”

I spread the perfect, swollen lips of her sex open and start to lick and suck her.  My tongue wanders from her slit right up to her clit and she wiggles with pleasure as I push my tongue in even further, finding all her hidden desires.

“God Chloe, I love how wet you are for me.”  As soon as I say it the thought goes straight to my cock, and I want to submerge myself in her tight pussy and never leave.  I’d never been with a woman who was so sensitive to my touch, so eager to please me, to let me do things I’d barely ever let myself imagine.  All I had to do was let my thumb graze her clit and she jumped with pleasure, lick her once and she was moaning my name.  She was my sexual equal and I wanted to possess her, make her mine.

Standing back up, I pull her to me.  “Kiss me, I want you to taste yourself on my lips.”  She pushes herself against my chest, kissing me, pressing hard nipples against me.  I can’t wait any longer…I thought I was teasing her, but her submissiveness was teasing me.

“Undress for me,” I instruct her.

With her eyes locked on mine, she slips off her heels.  Bending over, she unclasps each set of clips on her garter and slowly rolls down the sheer stockings.  With a tug of her fingers, she pulls down those tiny panties and undoes her garter belt.  Last, with her eyes still locked on mine, she starts to take off my shirt.

“Leave it on.”

She smiles and nods, “Of course, Mr. Clark.”

I pull her back against me and run my hands down her body.  I let my cock tease the hot, throbbing entrance to her cunt, rubbing back and forth, soaking myself with the juices running out of her.  It’s going to take all my self-control to hold back and go slow into that tight little hole of hers.  I start to push in further and hear her start to moan, begging me, faster, harder, but I hold back and take my time.

She rakes her nails along my back, “Please, I want to cum.”

I shake my head and smile.  “You can only cum when I say so,” I whisper in her ear.

Eyes closed, I push myself in a little further, feeling her stretch to fit my width.  I feel the slick smoothness of her as she thrusts back against me, pulling me in further.  There are sparks going off in my head as I push in as far as I can go.  I barely breathe, knowing the slightest movement will set me off.  My lips are back down on hers, kissing, licking, biting, anything to keep her close to me.  I feel her excitement grow as she starts to squeeze my cock, tightening herself around me, trying to pull me in more.  I can’t hold back anymore and I start to fuck her madly.  Harder and harder, I fuck her tight pussy, listening to her whimper and moan beneath me.

“Don’t cum yet, Chloe,” I breathe in her ear, “Not until I tell you to…”

A drop of sweat rolls down my back as I buck against her, any second I’m going to shoot my hot cum inside her.  I feel my balls tightening as they slap back and forth, waiting for release.  My face is in her hair, inhaling her scent, “Oh Chloe,” I moan as I cum hard.  I pump into her, my orgasm rolling over me again and again as I grab her round ass and slam her even harder.

Breathing deep, I open my eyes and see the delivery boy watching us through the window.  The food I ordered is on Chloe’s desk and his hand is down the front of his pants, furiously rubbing himself.  All of a sudden he sees me looking at him and freezes.  I’m temped to open the door and bring him in our little game, but I want Chloe all to myself.  Instead, I look at him and wink.  Pulling out, I turn her around, bending her back over my desk so he can see all of her gorgeous body.  I’m already hard again and she’s still dripping with need.  My hands on her hips, I take her from behind.   Each stroke brings me almost completely out of her tight hole before I slowly drive myself back in.  In and out, in and out, letting him watch as I fuck my hot little assistant.  I pump harder and faster, listening to her moan and plead, begging me to let her cum.  I see the delivery boy out of the corner of my eye, his pants undone, leaning against Chloe’s desk, stroking himself faster and faster, matching my pace.

If I keep this up much longer, I’m going to cum again, I pull out spin her back around, push her up against my desk and shove my fingers back into her soaking cunt.  I know that she’ll come back to me again and again, so I’m more than ready to hold back my own pleasure to give her hers.

“Chloe, tell me what you want?” I whisper in her ear.

“I want to cum.  I need to cum now.”

“Chloe…,” I warn.

“I, um…I want to cum…please,” she’s begging now, moaning my name, “Please, Mr. Clark.  I want to cum in your mouth…oh, please…”  She’s panting, right on the edge.

So I kneel down before her, just as she had done for me, “Cum for me, Chloe,” I whisper, my lips against her cunt, “Now.”

Her back arches and she pushes her wet pussy against my mouth.  I taste streams of her hot, tart cream gush onto my waiting tongue.  Her hands pull at my scalp, causing little rushes of sensation to roll over me.  I drink in everything she has, feeling her quiver and shake as I make her cum again and again.

When she’s finished, I kiss my way back up her body until I reached her lips.  She’s still shaking when I scoop her up and carry her back over to my chair and sit down with her on my lap.  Slowly I begin to trace little circles around her still hard nipples, kiss her neck and stoke her hair.

I look towards the window, but the delivery boy is gone.  “So Chloe, are you ready for dinner now?”


  1. Chris Said:

    I think you’ve got how us men think down pretty well! And I’ve got another new favourite story. Excellent yet again!

  2. Chris Said:

    i love reading this, it never gets boring!

  3. John Said:

    I just found you….wonderful story….worked for me….thank you. Your fantasy I guess.

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