Without giving anything away, I worry that this story may push past an appropriate limit.  But in fairness and honesty to the readers, it is a fantasy for me and I’m sure a lot of other women as well.


At this time of night there were hardly any other cars in the train station parking lot, just hers and maybe a dozen others.  Charlotte pulled her Ford Focus into one of the empty spots in the back row, away from the bright sodium lights perched high atop the posts that dotted the parking lot.  There were still ten minutes before the 11:52 p.m. train was due at the station, enough time to touch up her make-up and dab a bit of perfume at the back of her neck, just where he liked it.

It had been almost three weeks since she’d seen him.  He’d been traveling for business and she hadn’t been able to accompany him this time, staying back to handle things at the office.  She was losing direction and feeling aimless without his constant presence and she knew it.  It was a feeling she didn’t like.

Over the last year they had connected in ways she’d never imagined possible; sharing secrets, sharing needs, sharing fantasies.  Under his experienced hand, she’d opened herself up to a life she never thought she’d have.  For the first time in her life she felt complete.  She told him every dark fear, every secret want, no matter how forbidden.  Her constant cravings were finally satisfied, all because of him.

Three more minutes until his train arrived.

Leaving her purse and keys on the passenger seat, Charlotte stepped carefully out of her car; with one last check to make sure everything was as he requested.  He was always very specific about what she should wear, how she should look, and this night was no different.

A short white raincoat fell halfway down her thighs, cinched in at the waist, and a pair of high-heeled black patent boots on her feet.  Underneath her coat she was naked except for the ornate Victorian collar that encircled her neck and marked her as his.  Charlotte fingered the collar as she always did when she was nervous.  She desperately hoped he’d be happy to see her, that he missed her as much she missed him.  And that he was pleased with her.  The need to please him was deeply engrained in her psyche now, as normal for her as taking a breath.

That was, perhaps, the one thing that she still had trouble accepting: that he enjoyed her as she was.  For who she was, secrets and all.  If someone had thought to ask, she would have been hard pressed to say what it was that she brought to their relationship.  She knew what he did for her, all the ways he completed her, but even after all their time together she still hadn’t figured out what it was she did for him.  He was very hard to read, he kept his thoughts to himself and his dark eyes gave nothing away.

Charlotte rarely knew when she pleased him, but always knew when she displeased him.

She was pondering these thoughts as she heard heavy footsteps come around the side of her car and up behind her.  With a smile on her face, she turned to welcome him home only to find a leather gloved hand press over her lips and a deep voice growl, “Don’t make a sound,” in her ear.  She struggled in the stranger’s grasp, trying to turn her head to see her captor as he dragged her away from the safety of the parking lot lights and into the dark empty shadows.

Panic descended on Charlotte as she fought against her unseen attacker.  In the almost total darkness her senses sprang to life as she desperately tried to keep him from dragging her further and further from her car.  The soft kiss of leather against her skin, his heated breath in her ear, a solid wall of muscle against her back as he manhandled her into a waiting SUV.

“Don’t!  Please!  Someone’s meeting me.  He’ll call the police if I’m not there!”  Charlotte pleaded with him, fear and panic racing side by side through her veins.  “Please, just tell me what you want!  I have money; my bag is in the car.  I’ll give you everything I have.  Please!  Just let me go!”

Nothing but silence as he quickly trapped her wrist in a handcuff, the other side already attached to the metal bar under the seat, and then closed the door.  In the darkness she tried to find the handle, to open the door and draw attention to herself, but all she felt was the cool vinyl on the inside of the door.  Seconds later, the interior light blinked on and illuminated her captor for an instant as he stepped up into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

Charlotte pulled until her skin was raw trying to escape the cold metal grip of the cuff on her wrist but it was too tight.  She could see through the dark, tinted windows that they were leaving the city behind them, the roads becoming rougher and the houses further and further apart.

“Where are you taking me?”


“Hey, where are you taking me?  Answer me!”

Still nothing.  She pulled against the cuff, metal jangling against metal.  The SUV started to slow and pulled off onto a dark, tree-lined, dirt road.  She could see the full moon through the front window reflecting on the water, just as the salty, marshy smell of the beach hit her.  Okay, she could deal with this.  She was a strong swimmer; she could probably out swim him if she managed to escape.  Or take the keys from him and try to get away.  She felt around the back seat again, but there was nothing she could use as a weapon.

The SUV came to a stop and Charlotte watched as he opened the front door and followed his shadow as he came around to the back.  She heard the hydraulic hiss of the rear door open and tried again to get a glimpse of his face, but saw it was covered with a small, black leather eye mask.  She could see the rest of him now as she crouched against the back of the seat.  Old, roughed up jeans covered his long legs, ending in what looked like scuffed up motorcycle boots.  A white t-shirt hugged his chest, covered with a black leather motorcycle jacket, scuffed and worn at the cuffs.  He still had on the leather gloves as he pulled out a short length of thin rope.

He gestured to her neck, “Take it off.”  His voice was gruff and toneless.

Charlotte’s hands shot up to her neck and fingered her collar, “No.”

He took a step closer and grabbed her wrist, “Take it off, now.”

She swallowed back a sob, “I can’t!  It’s not mine to remove.”

He paused a moment, considering, “Fine, then I’ll do it.”  He yanked her towards him and pulled her head down by a handful of hair.  With a twist of his fingers, he opened the clasp and pocketed the collar.

She watched with tears rolling down her cheeks as he fashioned a hangman’s knot out of the rope and slipped it over her neck before he unlocked the cuff that encircled her wrist.

“Take off your coat.”

She clutched the flimsy fabric tighter around her body, “No.”

He tugged the rope and she felt it tighten around her neck.  “Do it.”

She kept her eyes lowered as she let the white raincoat fall onto the seat.  The moonlight reflected off her bare skin as her hand went again to her now naked neck.

“And the boots.”

Charlotte bent forward to unzip the long closure on each boot before kicking them off to the floor of the SUV.  She couldn’t help but notice the contrast between them.  Him, menacing in black leather, his face hidden, and her, completely defenceless, white, bare skin exposed to the moonlight.

“I want you to get out and walk in front of me.  Follow the path and it will take you to the beach.”

She stepped out of the shelter of the van, looking side to side for a way to escape when he yanked the rope again.  “Don’t bother, I’m right behind you.”

Charlotte stumbled along the path, the moonlight her only guide as she made her way toward the beach.  In the clearing just beyond the path she saw an old-fashioned wooden picnic table and stopped.  He came up a step behind her and pushed her forward, “Get up on the table and lay back.”

She climbed atop the old wood, feeling its soft, worn edges under her hands and knees.  She moved towards the middle and let herself lean back.  The wind was picking up now, pulling at her hair, pulling at her skin, making her even more aware of how vulnerable she was.  “What are you going to do with me?”

He ignored her question and began to position her body where he wanted it.  Pulling her up to the top of the table, he moved her so her head hung down over the edge, neck exposed, rope hanging loose.  He spread her legs to the edges of the table and she heard the click click click of a plastic zip tie securing her ankles to the short wooden beams underneath.

“Why were you dressed like that?”


“You heard me.  Why were you dressed like that?”

“I…I was meeting someone.”

“Do you always dress like that?”


“Why tonight?”

“He asked…he told me to.”

“Do you always do as you’re told?”

His questions were coming too quick, disarming her.  “What?  Why would you ask that?”

Slower this time.  “Do you always do as you’re told?”

“For him, yes.”

He removed his jacket and in the moonlight she could see where the sweat made the fabric cling to his skin.  He came up along side of her and grabbed her wrist tight in his hand.


Charlotte shook her head, “Why what?  What do you mean?”

He yanked her arm back, “Don’t fuck with me.  Why do you do as you’re told?”

“I…I love him.”

He loosened his grip a little, “And…?”

She swallowed hard, “He’s my master.”

She heard laughter from above her as the noose was taken off her neck.  He slipped the knot over her wrist and fed the length of rope underneath the picnic table, and tied another slipknot on the other end before fitting it over her other wrist.  Now when she pulled and struggled, it only served to tighten her bonds.

“And this Master…you’re his?  No one else’s?”

She nodded in agreement.

“You want no one else?  He gives you everything you desire?”  He drew one gloved finger down her body, from her breastbone all the way down to her pubic bone.

“Yes.” she breathed, “He’s everything, I don’t need another.”

He leaned over her bound body and brought his lips around her dark pink nipple and sucked.  Charlotte felt heat roll through her as her body betrayed the words she just spoke.  She pulled at her bonds trying to push him from her, but they only tightened as she struggled.  He lifted his head for an instant to look into her eyes and then pulled her other breast into his hot, wet mouth.

“What?  You don’t like this, do you?” he teased.  He walked around the table slowly, touching her, stroking her at his leisure.  The feel of the leather gloves on her bare skin make her writhe and squirm under his touch.  She sensed him down at her feet again and heard the snap snap as he undid the gloves on each hand.  She felt bare fingertips running up and down her legs, making her heart jump.  Each pass brought him closer to her exposed pussy, like a secret gift just waiting to be opened.

He leaned in and she heard him inhale the scent between her legs, “I bet your Master would be disappointed to see how much you’re enjoying yourself without him.”

She shook her head no; not believing her body could betray her like this.

He moved further up her body, his hands everywhere; pinching her nipples, pulling her hair.  Her neck ached from trying to watch him as he moved around her and she let it fall back, her hair cascading down into the sand.

“What do you want?  Just tell me what you want from me!” she sobbed.

She heard a low chuckle from somewhere deep in his chest.  “I want you to betray your Master.”

Her head snapped back up as he slid two fingers into her pussy, testing her wetness, her need.

She shook her head, “No.  I won’t.”

She saw his white teeth glinting in the moonlight as he smiled back at her, “You already have,” and he licked her cream from his fingertips.

Her head shook back and forth as a sob escaped her lips.

He walked back around the table to where her head lay hanging back.  Tears coursed down her cheeks as he bent to taste them.  “You know you want this.  You can’t deny your body, your inner truth.  You want someone who will take you against your will, use you and leave you wanting more.  Someone to push your limits, to let your basest desires take over.”  He smiled again.  “You can say it’s not your fault, that you had no control, no power to stop me.  But I know you want this, just like I do.”

She watched through blurred tears as he took off his T-shirt.  His chest was hard and solid.  A perfect line of muscle ran down each side where his hips disappeared into his jeans.  She could see his long, thick cock pushing against the denim and wondered what it would feel like inside her.

‘No!’ Charlotte squeezed her eyes shut and tried to stop the images swirling in her mind.

She felt soft lips atop her own as he kissed her hard, forcing her mouth wide open with his tongue, tasting every bit of her.  Teeth against teeth as she tried to fight him, pulling back from him as much as she could, until she heard the zip as he opened his jeans.

“Why are you fighting me?  You know this is what you want, your fantasy.”

But she wasn’t fighting him anymore, she was fighting herself.

His cock was already hard as he forced it into her mouth, in and out, deep down her arched throat.  As he leaned forward over her to tease and suck her nipples, he felt a change, she took in more of his length, swallowing him whole.  He fucked her mouth, choking her while he bit and sucked her breasts.  Every pull on her nipple made her breath catch in her throat as she struggled to suck him, to drain him, to make him come.  He stood back up keeping his cock down her mouth as he started to stroke himself, bringing himself to orgasm, shooting load after load down her throat, watching her greedily swallow it.

Pulling out, he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Naughty girl, making me come like that.  You’re the one who’s supposed to come.”

She shook her head no, “Only for Sir, I only come for him.”

“We’ll see,” he sneered, zipping his pants back up and pulling his shirt back on over his head.

She felt his hot breath on her thighs as he ran his tongue up and down the soft skin there.  His hands tugging at her small vee of dark, curly hair making her yelp.  Slowly he brought the tip of his tongue to the very sensitive top of her clit and started to suck.  She was already so wet, so ready.  She started to moan with each little pull.  His pressure increased as her cunt blossomed open for him, letting his tongue slip in and out, drinking her essence.  He could feel her fighting against him again, fighting against herself.  He increased his pace, parting her wet lips and forcing his long fingers in to her secret folds, smiling to himself and she tightened around him.  Little moans escaped her throat, pleasure mixed with pain, gratification mixed with subjugation.  Hair still dragging in the sand, blood rushing to her head, she fought against the pleasure he was giving her.  That someone who wasn’t Sir was giving her.  But his mouth sealed perfectly over her swollen flesh, allowing no break, no relief, no chance to fight.

“Come for me.”

“No!  I can’t!”

“Do it!  Now!”


“Charlotte,” he demanded, “come for me!”

She couldn’t hold back anymore, he’d said her name and she came, just as he commanded.  Her orgasm flowed from her, its force taking her out of her head, out of her body, out of her mind.  He drank every drop she had, licking her clean as she shook under him, the bonds holding her down, mocking her as she no longer even tried to free herself.

Barely conscious, she felt him release her hands and ankles.  She heard the click of a cap being removed and felt the wet dull nub of a marker scrape along the palm of her hand.  The last thing she thought before blacking out was, ‘her name, how did he know her name?’

The sun was just coming up over the horizon as Charlotte came to and found herself back in her car at the train station.  Rain jacket cinched tight around her waist, boots back on her feet, purse and keys on the passenger seat beside her.  Her hand went to her neck, but her collar was back in place, where it should be.  She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts when she noticed the black marks on the palm of her right hand…

‘Did you enjoy your fantasy?’



  1. Lawrence Said:

    Deliciously passionate….left me wanting for more

  2. Brenda Said:

    That was an amazing story. One I’ve dreamed about many times. Thank you for posting it. Keep up the good work.

  3. il Gordo Said:

    A long time favourite fantasy of mine also. I wish I had a woman who could give herself to me that way.

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