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Belong To Me

Belong To Me by Shayla Black“Baby loves me
Yes, yes she does
Ah, the girl’s outta sight, yeah
Says she loves me
Yes, yes she does
Gonna show me tonight, yeah

She got the way to move me, Cherry
She got the way to groove me
She got the way to move me
She got the way to groove me…” … continue reading this entry.

Countdown to the Best Day of the Year!

Awesome hair?  Check.  Full beard?  Check.  Kurt Russell battling scary frozen alien creatures?  Check. … continue reading this entry.

It’s For Charity!

Hello Mr. January.  … continue reading this entry.


…it can do your body good! … continue reading this entry.

Classic Lit…Sexified!

I don’t know why, but the whole idea of dirty classic literature strikes me as wonderfully hilarious!  I can just imagine a lone struggling writer wading through some of the tried and true classics, desperate for inspiration, when suddenly…elementary, my dear Watson!  And the next thing you know, “The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” is born. … continue reading this entry.

Surrender To Me

Shayla Black’s latest novel, Surrender To Me, is about a menage a trois fantasy that goes off course.  A Navy SEAL accepts a hot proposition: share a buddy’s girlfriend and fulfill her dream of a menage.  But after meeting her, he needs more than one night.  And he wants her all to himself… … continue reading this entry.

Exotica: Seven Days Of Kama Sutra, Nine Days Of Arabian Nights

Welcome to Exotica… a lush, sensual retreat where women can experience escapist fantasies.  Step inside-and leave your inhibitions at the door…well, hell, sign me up! … continue reading this entry.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood

A few weeks ago I read the first book in JR Ward’s sexy series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood. … continue reading this entry.

Comics Stripped

“Voluptuous women and muscle-bound men; fetish clothing featuring six-inch stilettos, leather, lace, and latex; bondage gear including handcuffs, masks, and corsets; and sadomasochistic props like whips, chains, and ropes”…sounds like my kind of museum exhibit! … continue reading this entry.

Just. Awesome.

Time to dig in between the mattresses and pull out all those secret dirty books you been hiding since adolescence!  Don’t lie!  You know you had these books…good girls gone bad, bad girls who were bad to start with, bad girls and bad boys, bad bad bad pulpy pulp fiction.

I was totally born to the wrong age!