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The Everything To Do With Sex Show

Well I survived the Everything To Do With Sex show with barely a scratch to show for it…and this year it didn’t leave me wanting more. … continue reading this entry.

Toy Shopping!!!!!

My husband started a new job!!!  And yes, while I’m very excited for him, I’m even more excited that I can go toy shopping when I’m at the Everything To Do With Sex Show on the 22nd! … continue reading this entry.

Strange Bedfellows

So, I’ve got a weird week-end coming up in October. … continue reading this entry.

Contest Submissions

I’d like to submit two of my stories to the NakedGirls Reading contest, but I could use some help with selecting which two. … continue reading this entry.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from your friendly neighbourhood library girl!

Comics Stripped

“Voluptuous women and muscle-bound men; fetish clothing featuring six-inch stilettos, leather, lace, and latex; bondage gear including handcuffs, masks, and corsets; and sadomasochistic props like whips, chains, and ropes”…sounds like my kind of museum exhibit! … continue reading this entry.

Happy Hallowe’en

Fall is by far my favourite time of the year and Hallowe’en is one of the main reasons.  … continue reading this entry.

My Two Favourite Things…

…reading and being naked!!

I wonder if my library would let me host an event like this?!?