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Librarian Porn

Apparently there is an entire sub-culture out there that I was sadly unaware of…librarian porn.  … continue reading this entry.



Well, I’m taking the plunge once again and meeting someone new tomorrow.  … continue reading this entry.

Is This A Fetish?

Well, I survived yesterday’s encounter with SWC with barely a scratch (damn, ;-) too bad, eh?)…and I even got an extra visit today.  … continue reading this entry.

Ghost Stories

I bunch of us went and saw Ghost Stories last week-end.  God, there’s nothing like a good scare to get your juices flowing…or is that just me? … continue reading this entry.

Lets Get Physical

I’ve been very good about keeping myself away from my crush…or should I say former crush.   Instead, I’ve been keeping myself busy by trying to figure out what it was that kept me hooked for so long. … continue reading this entry.

Hot or Not?

When I was in my early 20’s, I remember being freaked out when I girlfriend told me that some women will orgasm when they are breast feeding. … continue reading this entry.

And Ode to FetLife…

A few weeks ago when I found myself grasping around for inspiration, I decided to take a tour of… continue reading this entry.

Daddy’s Girl – No Dinner for Daddy

I’ve posted the second story in this series…let’s just say I’ve been inspired.  Hope you like it!

New Story!

I had a bit of writer’s block trying to finish the next installment of Mr. Clark’s Assistant and I came up with this story instead:  My research has taken me to some weird and wonderful places these last few weeks…but more about that in another post…

P.S.  This looks like the start of another series, I have lots of story lines mapped out already!

Dressing Up

Okay boys (or girls, if that’s your pleasure…), I’d like to present to you, dum da da dahhhh…the  case for lingerie.

In my experience guys like to look at lingerie, but then they want it off as quick as possible so they can get down to business.  Tsk, tsk, guys.  Lingerie is your friend!

If she’s pulled something out of her ‘secret drawer’, … continue reading this entry.

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