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Fukuoku 9000 Vibrator

I finally got around to trying out the vibrator I bought at the Sex Show a few weeks ago, the Fukuoku 9000!  … continue reading this entry.


The Everything To Do With Sex Show

Well I survived the Everything To Do With Sex show with barely a scratch to show for it…and this year it didn’t leave me wanting more. … continue reading this entry.

Toy Shopping!!!!!

My husband started a new job!!!  And yes, while I’m very excited for him, I’m even more excited that I can go toy shopping when I’m at the Everything To Do With Sex Show on the 22nd! … continue reading this entry.

Strange Bedfellows

So, I’ve got a weird week-end coming up in October. … continue reading this entry.

Toy Suggestions

The hunt is on!  I have some vacation time coming up and I want to be pleasantly occupied while I have the house to myself, so…it’s time to go toy shopping! … continue reading this entry.

Traveling Companions

Life is funny.  Not ha ha funny…more like damn, there goes another missed opportunity, funny. … continue reading this entry.

Dear Santa

I’ve been a good girl this year.

No, really. … continue reading this entry.

Oh My!

Those of you that read my blog regularly probably realize just how rarely I get the house to myself.  Since my husband and I have no sex life to speak of, I keep my toys and such to myself.  And as much as I would like to masturbate more often, I really don’t have the privacy to do it! … continue reading this entry.


What to do, what to do…

I was supposed to meet with my Mentor tonight, but he was called away.  So I’m all alone.  With the house to myself.  And a drawer full of toys.  How will I ever pass the time…

New Daddy’s Girl Story!

Just posted the new story, I think you’ll see that my toy experiments were much more successful this time around!

And better yet, I think I might even have another night to myself this week-end!

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