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Flamed, And It Burns

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to submit two short stories to the Naked Girls Reading contest. … continue reading this entry.

Good News!

A friend E-mailed me today to tell me that I have made it into the 25 Most Read Authors on the Short Fiction site!  How cool is that!

Mr. Clark’s Assistant-Redux

Mr. Clark’s Assistant-Redux, Chloe’s story, is now up!

The feedback from the first story, Mr. Clark’s Assistant, has been incredible!  So… I’ve decided to work at a series of stories between Mr. Clark and Chloe.  I want to keep the storyline a surprise, but if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see develop between them, please feel free to leave a comment or E-mail me directly at  Thanks!

Mr. Clark’s Assistant…Updated

While I’ve been working on rewriting this story from Chloe’s point of view, I decided to do a massive edit to the original Mr. Clark’s Assistant.  I felt the point of view needed to be tightened up and it would be a better story if it was told as it was happening instead of in the past. … continue reading this entry.

Most of these stories were posted on first, but I was having trouble keeping up with all the comments and suggestions from readers.

So I wanted to find a forum where I could not only interact with readers and their ideas, but somewhere where the readers could also interact with each other.

I find the idea of working collaboratively with readers very intriguing.  There is something about giving up control of your creation that fascinates me.  Sometimes I find it difficult to separate myself from the characters in the stories, so allowing someone else to have control of their/my fate can be scary.

Hopefully some of the short-fiction readers will take the time to come over here and play…