Tech Support

This is probably my favourite story to date.  Not just because of who the male character is, but because it incorporates humour and playfulness into the story, yet doesn’t shy away from being raw when it needs to be.  How it came about is a fluke:  I was joking with a friend that I would write a story about him, to thank him for always coming to my rescue when I had computer problems.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t see himself as anyone’s ‘dream lover’ (silly boy), but if we were ever together, this is how I imagine it would be.


Ick. It’s the first Monday of the month and time for all the managers to bring around the newbies who’ve started working here. I just love these uncomfortable introductions, when the managers from other departments try desperately to remember the names of the rest of us peons who have absolutely nothing to do with their department whatsoever.

Let’s see, accountant, accountant, secretary, accountant, IT guy. Great, welcome, nice to meet you all and good luck not hating your job. I’ve got to get back to work.

Argh, work. I can’t wait to get this project done. All day long all I do is read the screen, check the database, upload the files and start over again. It’s exhausting. And tedious. And makes my day go on forever. At the end of the day, I can’t wait to get into bed and curl up with a book. I can’t even watch television anymore, my eyes are too blurry from the computer screen. Fun.

Home at last. In the bath, I have a healthy dinner of popcorn and soda while I read my book. Brush my teeth, comb out my hair, and wow, 7:45 and I’m ready for bed. Everybody must be jealous of my glamorous lifestyle…not. One more chapter and then I’ll turn off the lights…

Oh god I love that. His breath is hot and his kisses are long and slow. Tasting and licking as he works his way down my body. I keep my eyes closed so I can concentrate on the feel of his hands tracing the outline of my body. Suddenly he stops and I know that he is looking at me, waiting for me to open my eyes. I do and in the darkness I can just see the outline of his shoulders above me, the muscles of his arms lit by the light of the moon as he looks back down at me. I look up to see a perfect dimple in his chin and a serious smile on his lips. He dips his head back down and starts kissing me again, my eyes, my cheeks, my neck, but never my lips. I try pushing my body up to him, straining to get a taste, but he just smiles and pulls away. He bends his head back down to my shoulders, kissing and biting, dragging his wet lips down to my breasts. I try again, pulling him closer to me, but suddenly he takes both my wrists in his hand and pulls them above my head, holding me still, so I can’t move. The rest of his long body is pressed against me as he slowly explores. His tongue circling my nipples, until they’re hard, rosy nubs. All his teasing is making me wetter and wetter and I open my legs, trying to get some satisfaction, but he gives me nothing. He asks, “If I let you go, will you be good?” I gasp out “yes,” and he lets me loose. Instantly I reach for him, to pull him down closer so I can kiss him. “Naughty girl,” he says, and puts my hands back over my head again, more forcefully than before, as if daring me to challenge him. “Next time I’ll have to tie you up,” he breathes into my ear. He goes back to kissing my neck, giving me shivers every time he reaches the little hollow at its base, following the shape of my collarbone with his tongue. He asks me again, “Will you promise to be a good girl?” This time I nod obediently and keep my hands above my head, entwined in the rails of the headboard. I close my eyes while his body shifts lower against mine, the friction from our skin rubbing against each other is turning me on more and more. His mouth is warm over my still hard nipples, sucking and teasing them, making me moan with pleasure as he starts to kiss his way down my body. Biting me here, licking me there, until my body is taut from wanting him. His hands move down to my thighs and spread them wider. I can feel the warmth of his chest against my cunt, making me wetter still. He’s kissing and rubbing and licking me all over, everywhere except where I want him to touch me most. I push my hips up towards him, but he pulls back and makes me wait. “Patience,” he tells me. I start to whimper, I’m trying to be a good girl, but he’s making it too hard. The sheets are soaked beneath me and he’s watching me, watching him. I’m desperate for him to touch me again. “Please,” I plead. His head goes down and his tongue licks all around the outside of my wet cunt, planting tiny little kisses to tease me. I know I would cum if he would just slip his tongue inside me. He knows it too, and as he brings me closer and closer, my body starts to tremble with tension. I start to quiver just from the sensation of his breath on my skin. He goes nearer and nearer, I can feel his tongue circling in closer and clos…

Riinnngggg…I bolt right up in bed, breathing hard and turn off the alarm. I look around to see where he is, but no one is there. That was just a dream? No way. There is no way that could have been a dream. Way too real. I remember his smell, the feel of his breath on my skin. And when I reach down under the sheets I’m slippery and wet.

When I walk into the office, I’m sure everyone can read my mind. I can’t keep the smile off my face, and I’m sure my office mates can see my very happy nipples through my bra. I have to focus. So what if that’s the most excitement I’ve had in ages? Remember, I tell myself, you have a crappy job, you sit in front of a computer all day and you certainly don’t go home to a man like that at night. Kill me now.

But twice I catch myself daydreaming and just staring off into space. Who was that supposed to be in my dream? All I really saw was the bottom half of his face, and even then, it was only in the shadows. But I remember the voice. Telling me what a naughty girl I was, telling me to be good.

I’m all fidgety the rest of the day and can’t concentrate. Every time I shift in my seat, little sparks go off and I squeeze my thighs together out of reflex. This is torture, I am never going to get through the next few hours.

And then to top the day off, my computer crashes. And it’s not just one of the little crashes, it’s one of those, holy crap, there goes a week’s worth of work, crashes. I call Scott down at tech support, who informs me that it’s the server, not me. Yeah! And that tomorrow morning everyone will have a visit from a techie in order to get their stations back up and running. Boo. I so love starting my day with the socially awkward among us. At least I can slip out a few minutes early now, since my computer has become a very large, unattractive paperweight on my desk.

Tonight I try heading to bed early, hoping for another dream. Yes, I’m pathetic, I know, but I’m so incredibly on edge after thinking about that dream all day long. But can I fall asleep?  Of course not. It’s like trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve or the night before school starts. All I do is toss and turn for hours…

I could feel someone lying along side of me, his body hot against mine, and wake up to see him looking down on me. I can see a little more of his face this time, short, dark hair, dark eyes, and soft lips. Instantly I reach up to kiss him, and this time he lets me. It’s amazing. I part my lips just a little, wanting to go slow, to savour the taste of him. He pushes against me and kisses me deeper. I love the feel of his body next to mine. Bit by bit, we explore each other’s mouths, tasting and touching with our tongues. Just kissing him makes my skin electric, and I know I want more. I want to feel his muscles move beneath his skin. To feel how hard his body is compared to how soft mine is. But when I turn to explore, I can’t. He’s tied my wrists to the bedpost. I look back at him, and he shrugs. “You were a bad girl last night, I don’t think you can be trusted not to touch.” I try to sit up, to pull my hands out of their bindings, but I can’t. He has me under his control. He starts kissing me again, hard then soft. My eyes are watching him, waiting to see what he’ll do next. I can’t believe that I’m so wet just from his kisses. “Please undo my hands, so I can touch you.” He ignores me and starts to move his lips down to my breasts. He takes his time teasing them, teasing me, making me squirm more and more, until I’m begging him to fuck me. “See,” he says, “I knew you were too naughty to untie.” He gets up off the bed and stands above me. I hadn’t realized how tall he was, probably 6’3″ to my 5’2″. He leans over in my ear and slowly whispers, “I’m going to fuck you, but you have to be a very, very good girl for me.” I nod and wet my lips with my tongue. His cock is just inches from my mouth, taunting me. I look up at him with a question in my eyes. “Not yet,” he says, and laughs deep in his throat at my disappointment. He stays standing over me as he lets his hands trail along my body. His fingers slowly stroking my breasts, playing and pulling until each nipple is hard and plump, dragging his hands down over my hips and stomach, learning all my curves, bit by bit, until one of his hands goes down between my legs. “Lick me there,” I instruct him. He smiles and dips his head down. With his tongue he tastes me, licking me slowly, from the bottom of my pussy right up to my waiting clit. I moan, as he brings me closer and closer, straining to try and get free of my bonds so I can run my hands through his hair and bring his head closer to me. But the ribbons hold tight. He pulls away and I groan out loud. “No, no, I promise I’ll be good, just don’t stop.” My breathing comes faster and faster, but he stands back up and looks down at me. I can see a perfect pearl of precum sitting at the tip of his cock, and I want to lick it off. “I think you need to be taught that you can’t always get what you want.” Smiling, he leans over and unties just one of the ribbons. I sit up and swing my legs over the bed so I’m facing him. “Now, you can only touch what you can reach,” he tells me. I nod and immediately reach up to stroke his big cock. I touch him all over, letting my nails drag along the underside, cupping his balls with my one free hand. I lean closer so I can smell the scent of his sex. I come closer still, careful not to break my other tie, and slip my mouth over him. Just the taste of him almost makes me cum. I let my tongue play with the swollen head for a bit, while my free hand roams up over his chest. I lick and rub until I hear him moan and feel his legs start to shake. My hand falls back down to his hips and I pull him further into my wet mouth. His skin is soft even though he is so hard, and I can feel myself getting wet all over again. I move closer to the edge of the bed, open my legs a little wider and look up at him. His eyes are half closed and I know I’m finally in control. I start to lick him up and down, cupping his balls in my hand, listening to his breathing speed up. I let my finger roam back and forth under that perfect smooth spot between his balls and his ass, while I suck him harder and deeper. After all the teasing he’s done to me, it’s his turn now. I want him to cum so I can lick him clean and start again. I can feel him tightening, getting ready to release, and I take him further into my mouth. We’re both breathing hard and I can feel his…

Riinnngggg…no! You have got to be kidding me. I reach up to turn off the alarm and realize I’ve slid halfway down the side of my bed, one hand caught in the slats of the headboard. What is wrong with me? I never have dreams like this! Hell, I usually have nightmares after I’ve scared myself with a good book. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me to get a life? But I’m sure I can still taste him on my lips…

Great, I completely forgot about my computer crashing yesterday, and now I have to wait for tech support. Can it really only be Wednesday? This week is taking forever. And now I’m completely out of sorts after two nights of…well…whatever this dreaming thing is and no, shall we say, satisfaction. At lunch I might just have to rip off a quick orgasm in the ladies washroom. Ha, I’m so funny.

“Excuse me, Ms. Kelly?” I turn around to find the new tech guy at my desk. What’s his name again…Tom, Sean, John…right, Sean. I look up at him and my eyes go wide. Whoa, is the guy from my dreams? No way, it can’t be. I’d only seen him for like thirty seconds and I didn’t even remember his name. But he is looking at me sort of strange… ahhh right, probably because I’m just staring at him and haven’t said anything yet.

Ahem. “Yes, I’m Ms. Kelly. Actually, Colleen is fine. You’re Sean, right?” He nods, “I’m here to take a look at your computer, I understand you were affected by the server crash yesterday?” Oh my god, is that a dimple on his chin? I want to bite it!  Oh, and he’s tall too. Wait, concentrate on his voice…what is he talking about now? Server crash. What? I don’t work on the servers. “Um, Ms. Kelly…I mean, Colleen?” Ohhh, he said my name…mmmm, that sort of gives me little shivers… I look back up at him and smile. “Umm, no, I don’t work on the servers. Just the database.” Gee, not too bright for an IT guy… “No,” he says, as he furrows his brow. Why is he still looking at me like that? “I’m here to fix the problems on your computer from when the server crashed yesterday.” Oh, right. “Anyway,” he says, “do you mind if I get under there to look around?” Oh my.  He’s kneeling down in front of me, is he going to…? Oh, right. My CPU is under my desk, that’s why he’s kneeling. Seriously, this is getting embarrassing.

Well, home again after successfully making a fool of myself in front of the man who is, in all probability, my dream lover. Just great, it’s kinda hard to come off as sexy after that fiasco. I wonder if a faux pas like that counts in dreamland?

I can’t see anything, even though my eyes are open. I’m standing up, and I can feel the edge of the bed behind my knees. This time my hands are free, but when I reach up I find that he’s blindfolded me. Controlling me again. I can’t feel him near me, but I know he’s in the room. I can hear his breathing and smell his scent. “Where are you?”, I call out. No answer. I don’t want to leave the side of the bed, just in case he ties me down again. I want my hands free this time.  Then all of the sudden he’s in front of me. My hair is tangled in his hands, as he tilts my head up to kiss him. His taste is sweet and salty, and I can hear him moaning in his throat when I pull myself closer to him. We’re tangled together, our bodies already slick with need for each other. His hands fall to my shoulders and he starts to caress me. His touch is like fire on my skin and I melt into him. My hands roam all over him, exploring, but he pulls away and whispers, “Patience.” I nod, I know I have to be a good girl for him. I love being blindfolded; I can’t tell where he is going to touch me next. My nerves are tingling with the anticipation of his next touch. He takes one of my hands in his and starts stroking it softly, making little circles in the centre of my palm. He brings my hand to his lips and starts to kiss each of my fingertips, one by one. We’re so close that I can feel his chest brush against me with each breath he takes. He’s stroking and kissing me all down my arm and back up to my shoulder. Each time his lips move to the next spot, I can feel the heat leftover from his kiss on my skin. He starts with my other hand now, stroking my palm with the little circles, making my head spin with desire. He kneels down in front of me, still kissing me, his hands stroking my skin. Even on his knees, he’s still tall enough that he can still kiss my breasts, taking them in both his hands, licking and kissing. I’m trembling from the attention he’s giving my body. His hands are on my hips, feeling their curves, and he runs his hands back around to my ass, holding me steady as his kisses move further and further down. With my hands on his shoulders, I arch myself towards him. I moan, his every touch vibrating through me, making me wet for him. His hands come back around to play with the very edges of my cunt. Stroking and touching, spreading their lips bit by bit. I’m still blindfolded, and the anticipation is exquisite as he takes his time, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. “Colleen,” he sighs my name, and suddenly I know it’s him, I know the voice. “Sean,” I breathe back. He spreads my legs just a little wider and I feel his wet tongue on my secret folds, tasting me. I’m dizzy from the sensations running through me. He’s still exploring me, with his tongue, his fingers and I can feel myself starting to cu…


I’m hoping Sean will come by to check on my computer today, so I decide to dress a little on the sexy side for work. Clingy blouse, black skirt, garters and stockings, and boots. Of course, every single person in my office has to comment on the fact that I’m dressed up…ohhh la la, hot date tonight…what are you all dressed up for…hey, did you miss a button. Oh, bite me.

Well, that was a waste of a day. Do you know how aware you have to be when you bend over in garters and stockings? Do you also know that it’s pretty much guaranteed that the office pervert will be watching when you do? Why couldn’t Sean be the office pervert? God, all I want is a bath and my bed.

“Colleen”. I open my eyes instantly when I hear my name. We’re both under the sheets, and he’s propped up on one elbow looking down at me. I realize I’m not tied up, not blindfolded; I can do whatever I want. I reach up to kiss him and I feel him respond to me right away. “I think that you deserve a little treat tonight,” he says. “Something you’ve been waiting for.” We start to kiss again, our bodies so close, there isn’t a sliver of space between us. I let myself explore his long, tall body, coiling myself around him like a snake. My tongue tasting everywhere, missing nothing. I roll us over, straddle his body and look down at him. I watch as he looks back at me and smiles. His hands wander down my body, starting at my shoulders, all the way down to my hips. His touch is soft when he pulls me down to kiss him again, my hair a dark curtain around us. I feel his cock go hard under my wet pussy and start to rub myself up and down its length, making myself wetter and wetter. My eyes are closed but I can feel him playing with my nipples, his big hands cupping and squeezing them while I moan in bliss. Faster and faster, I feel myself tensing to cum when he whispers in my ear, “Go slow”. His hands hold onto my hips while he slows my pace, drawing out my pleasure, making me wait. “I want to feel your body on top of me,” I whisper. We roll to the other side of the bed and the weight of his body is spread out over my own. I let my legs fall open and I can feel the tip of his cock pressing against me. We lay like that for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of our bodies pressed against one another. Our breathing in sync, we stroke and caress each other. His touch is driving me wild, teasing me. I gasp as he enters my tight, little hole. He’s bigger than I imagined and the feeling is incredible as he slides in, slick from my wetness. He lifts his chest up and looks down at me. “Give me your hands”, he says. I take my hands from his back, and put them against his, palm to palm, fingers intertwined. He brings them up above our heads and our eyes lock as he starts to fuck me. He goes slowly at first, watching my reaction. I urge him on, moaning his name.  His hips grind back and forth, and I cry out as he fills all of me. The sensation is so intense. I tighten myself around him to give him more pleasure and hear him sigh my name in my ear. All of my senses are alive. The taste of the salty sweat on his neck, the smell of our sex, the sound of our breathing. The experience is incredible. I strain my body against his, wanting him deeper inside me. I feel him push harder and harder, bringing us closer and closer. Our skin slippery against each other as our bodies meet with each long thrust. My breath quickens as I start to cum. I say his name over and over, and he starts to cum too. “Don’t stop,” I beg, “I’ve been such a good girl”.

I wake before my alarm, with a pleasant ache between my legs and a smile on my face. Dream or not, I don’t care, it was amazing.

Friday. Last day of the week, but still no Sean. I may have to take matters into my own hands. I’ll just switch a few of these wires behind my machine and see what happens…oops, service call. I ring Scott down at tech support, “Hey, I can’t get into the network, could you send Sean back down to look at my machine?”

I see him walk up to my desk out of the corner of my eye. “Hi Sean”, I smile, “Looks like network problems.” He kneels down to talk to me and my breath catches. “Have you tried to do anything on your own yet?” he asks. “Nope, I thought it would be best to leave it in your hands”. “Probably cables,” he says, “Let me take a look for you.” I shift my chair back a bit so he can get in close. “You know, I’ve been meaning to ask if you do any freelance work after hours. I’ve been having some trouble with my home computer, maybe you could help me with it?” “Oh, sure Colleen, I can come by tonight if you want.” “Perfect,” I smile. “I hate being alone at night anyway.” He turns and looks at me, “Why?” “Well,” I say, “I’ve been having these weird dreams all week long…”


  1. Chris Said:

    As an office worker, this is definitely my favourite too!

  2. Dinotech Said:

    Being a Tech guy, this is not only the sexiest story I’ve ever read, it hits home. I met my current GF while working as a tech guy. A mutual friend introduced us and it didn’t take long before we were dating. We’ve been together for over 20 years now. Thanks for the story. It gives me a sense of what she was going through when we first met. She’s told me that it was love at first sight…maybe she’d had some dreams before having computer trouble too! LOL

    • This is one of my favourites too…but mostly because of the massive crush I have on the ‘main’ character…

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